Dimensionally Locked spells

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Dimensionally Locked spells

Postby Needles » Thu May 29, 2008 11:12 am

Are these the only three spells that cannot be cast if affected by a Dimensionally Locked spell or effect? These were the only ones announced that were from the Blackmoor Handbook. If they aren't what other spells can be affected by a Dimenasionally Locked area.

> 3. Several spells have been updated in the newest campaign document,
> specifically those such as "Elemental Blades" or "Elemental
> Bolt/Ball." The only change made to these spells is that they do not
> function inside a location that has been Dimensionally Locked because
> they are extensions of their respective plane (i.e. Metal, Water,
> Air, etc.) and cannot cross into the material if blocked. Elemental
> Blade spells can not stack on the same weapon also.

As I get it, these spells, and only these spells, are affected by a dimensionally locked area. Not other spells from the Players Guide to Blackmoor.
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Re: Dimensionally Locked spells

Postby Ozymandius » Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:55 am

The only spells affected are those that have the word "Elemental" in their title or in the spell description says that the damage is elemental in nature.

All other spells from the PHb are unaffected.

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