Episode Review: The Greatsky Metal Rush

It has happened before. A star from the heavens lances down upon an unsuspecting world, devastating and destroying in a storm of fire and ash, making oceans from mountains and graveyards from nations. Today, this event is remembered not for its violent destruction, but for the thousand years of darkness it created—darkness both metaphorical in the descent to barbarism and physical in the blotting out of the sun from the smoke and ash that blanketed Golarion. It was the end of the Azlanti race, yet it was the genesis of another. For as the proud Azlant fell, new eyes devoid of color and kindness opened in the deep caverns of the Darklands. And as this new race prospered deep below, its number swelling in secret, the seeds for a Second Darkness took root.

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Episode Review: The Greatsky Metal Rush

Postby Ozymandius » Wed May 26, 2010 5:04 pm

Nearly two months have passed for the adventurers and the Gold Goblin has been producing a sizeable profit even though most of Riddleport had been damaged by the tsunami. A great rush to get to the island of Devil's Elbow had been undertaken by nearly every player within the city and within the past week four groups have already landed on the island: the Cyphermages, Avery Slyeg (who mysteriously no one has seen), Clegg Zincher and the Gas Forges.

When the adventurers finally contracted their own ship it was sabotaged before it even left port, set on fire and a chunk of the hull bitten off by a dire shark. Even though they nearly lost their druid, and their lives, they prevailed and were able to repair the damage and set sail the next day.

When they arrived on the island they found their comrade who had been swept out to see by the tsunami alive and well, currently siding with the Cyphermages, who were now under the direct command of Samaritha. Unfortunately her superiors and most of her men are now dead, killed by mysterious creatures that appear to only attack at night.

The adventurers quickly shored up the defenses of the ruined town of Witchlight and like clockwork the creatures attacked during the middle of the night. From what they learned these creatures are undead parasites that take humanoid hosts and transform them into Akatas. These parasites were embedded within the falling star in a hibernating state and were awoken when they came in contact with oxygen.

They searched the crash site for skymetal and found a sizable amount before they ran into the forces of Clegg Zincher. While in audience with him they learned that he had been charmed and immediately broke the spell, freeing him from the hold of the Drow on the island. They quickly went to investigate and found the ghost of a hag siren trapped by the Drow who could only be released if they sent her lover's soul to rest at the west lighthouse. As they left they saw the mastermind's of the Drow forces but barely escaped notice.

At the lighthouse they destroyed the hag's lover and quickly returned to defeat the Drow encampment.

They immediately assaulted their cave dwelling and began to quickly defeat their armed forces, a shadow demon made a brief attack upon the adventurers but was destroyed easily without much trouble. However, their druid cast sevearl walls of stone to block most of their access to the tunnel system and both the leader and he fled the island with their Akatas and remaining men but left a suprise for the adventurers just on the other side.

A summoned demon awaited them when they finally broke through, a manscorpian. Their valiant paladin of Sarenrae stepped up valiantly to fight the creature after their primary attacker was defeated before he even reached the target by a well placed stinger attack. Their quick thinking cleric realized that this was a summoned creature and quickly threw up a protection circle to hedge it out while allowing the paladin to attack and destroy it.

Now they have returned to Riddleport only to find that a new problem is brewing...one that will have serious rammifications on Riddleport.
- Philip Slama

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Re: Episode Review: The Greatsky Metal Rush

Postby Needles » Thu May 27, 2010 10:22 pm

What was what told the party there was trouble brewing and what was it? I ask that you don't say, "wait till next week," or something like that.
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