Episode Preview: On All Sides

It has happened before. A star from the heavens lances down upon an unsuspecting world, devastating and destroying in a storm of fire and ash, making oceans from mountains and graveyards from nations. Today, this event is remembered not for its violent destruction, but for the thousand years of darkness it created—darkness both metaphorical in the descent to barbarism and physical in the blotting out of the sun from the smoke and ash that blanketed Golarion. It was the end of the Azlanti race, yet it was the genesis of another. For as the proud Azlant fell, new eyes devoid of color and kindness opened in the deep caverns of the Darklands. And as this new race prospered deep below, its number swelling in secret, the seeds for a Second Darkness took root.

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Episode Preview: On All Sides

Postby Ozymandius » Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:52 pm

Nearly a two months have passed since Saul Vancaskercan offered the adventurers a stake in the Gold Goblin Gambling Hall after that fateful night at the Cheat the Devil...Take His Gold tournament. Just a week into their tenure their floor manager, Feldin Harur disappeared while making a loan payment to Lymas Smeed; unfortunately it turned out that he had been killed, Smeed framed, and a sly man known as Mark Abbott pulling all the strings.

After discovering who was truly the murderer, and reclaiming their gold to make the first loan payment to Smeed, things became relatively quiet at the Gold Goblin and it returned to business as usual. But during these past two months Samaritha, the high spirited youth who was hired by the adventurers, has slowly drifted into a deep depression over the fact that not a single Cyphermage has agreed to take her on as an apprentice. She has sought solace in her employers but not a single one pays her any attention which has only fueled her dark thoughts and misery as her health slowly declines.

Saul has been unusally quiet, spending most of his time counting profits and arranging for loan payments to pay for his renovations of the gambling hall and has constantly complained how his shipment of exotic, and expensive, liqours has failed to arrive in Riddleport; it was supposed to arrive in time for the gambling tournament...

Riddleport has also been extremely quiet.

The Blot continues to move randomly overhead and little headway has been made in determining how it arrived over Riddleport or to its function. There have been rumors that the Cyphermages have made an important discovery regarding its nature but have kept quiet whether they know or not.

All in all it has been rather borish with very little to do other than work day in and day out. But It rarely stays that way for long in Riddleport.
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Re: Episode Preview: On All Sides

Postby Needles » Tue Apr 20, 2010 6:42 pm

Isn't that the liquor I have stashed in my room that didn't come in time for the... If not, I suppose the next plot hook has been given to us. Along with this girl, Samaritha, we have to get her in as an apprentice. As for the Blot, that is a plot hook way down the line.
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