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I really like Roleplaying
I really like Roleplaying
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Marvel Super Heroes House Rules
Gaining (and Losing) Karma
Karma awards are made at specific times during an adventure.
• Karma is awarded at the end of a battle or conflict.
• Karma is awarded at the completion of a task.
• Karma is awarded at the conclusion of the game adventure or gaming session
Karma is gained and lost through three general types of actions: Heroic Actions, Personal Actions, and Gaming Actions.

Gaming Awards: A player may gain Karma for his character through good roleplay and running his character in an interesting and intelligent way, There are no negative gaming awards in the Advanced Set, as the assumption is made (at least by the designer) that you guys know what you're doing. Three examples of gaming awards are:

Role-Play Award: At the end of an adventure or gaming session, the Judge may award personal Karma to players who have shown a good knowledge of the character's personality. For characters from the Marvel Universe, this means the role-playing is in line with how the character is presented (Hercules is loud and boisterous; Wolverine, while not continually going into murderous rages, is short-tempered and threatening). For characters created by the players, these awards are given in light of the player's stated motives and previous actions. (Captain Outrageous, "the hero who fears no evil," running from a fight with Terminus may be making an intelligent decision, but still is not acting in character.) The Judge may award up to 10 points in this fashion.

Stump the Judge Award: The characters controlled by the players have superhuman Powers, and with the addition of Power Stunts, may be able to use them in new and different ways. In other words, while the Judge may figure the players will get out of a deathtrap in a certain fashion, they may surprise him by coming up with some new and different way. The Judge should make an award of no greater than 15 points to those players who come up with new, imaginative ways of dealing with situations (once done, of course, it's now longer new, so once per stunt).

Most important Awards!!!!!
Humor Award: Let's face it: one of the key reasons for role-playing is the gathering together of diverse people with the intent of swapping bad jokes. Laughing in the face of danger is a trademark of some heroes, but even Wolverine and Captain America get in a wry chuckle from time to time. The Judge should award 5 points to any player who can come up with a joke, pun, or humorous situation so dastardly that play must cease while everyone takes a deep breath and tries to recover a sense of direction.

Personal Karma Awards: Personal commitments:, Weekly award: Charities: Personal appearance, Act of charity:, Donation:

Karma Pools PG:37
A Karma pool is formed by a group of heroes as a common source of Karma. Each hero may donate as much of his own Karma as he wishes. Any member of the group may then use the Karma in that pool to manipulate die rolls and build things, though Karma in a Karma pool may not be used for advancement (sorry, no "let's chip in and give Albedo Man another rank of Body Armor").

Advancement: Characters may put Karma aside for advancement. This Karma is put into
a separate fund and is considered untouchable by the player for normal use (and is similarly unaffected by negative Karma modifiers). Any Karma put aside is placed there with a specific purpose, and may only
be spent for that purpose. Karma is placed in Advancement funds usually at the end of adventures or gaming sessions, but never in the middle of combat or during an adventure (in other words, "quiet time:' as opposed to the heat of the chase). Advancement is described in full on page: 38

I will allow the following rule for increasing the ABILITY of your choice(limitation: EXCELLENT), but with one major difference- There has to be a logical explanation on how that ability is being raised. For instance: if you want to increase your strength score: you would have to say that you are working out at a gym or your organizations strong guy is helping you develop muscle tone and strength. REMEMBER any ABILITY may be raised in the following manner but come up with a great explanation on how and it will be a 1 by 1 column shift change taking place thru several modules to indicate the change is gradual, no one is going to pop up to excellent from their poor score in several modules, just won’t happen so don’t bother to explain unless you have yourselves a new Origin which will be unlikely. You must remember also that this is a FREE increase that requires no karma whatsoever to advance, its just the judges grace allowing it to happen.

Rationales: A character may raise any
ability up to Excellent for FREE!. Raising an ability
beyond Excellent, or more than one rank above the
original, may take some explaining by the
player. What the Judge is looking for is a
reason why the character is getting
stronger, brighter, quicker, etc.
This increase will be gradual about 4 Modules per increase and only 1 Ability increase at a time, after all Rome was not built in a day!!

New Advancement Rules
by Rafael Taramona (Beyonder in the making)

REVISION RULES FOR ALL New and Increase of powers:
All below will be limited to AMAZING: Rank, obtaining the next level of Rank (Monstrous & Unearthly) will be bought in per Column Rank shifts of 2000 Karma each, which means to increase after AMAZING: up to Unearthly will cost an additional 4000 Karma to advance.
Exception: Robotic characters obtaining the next level of Rank (Monstrous & Unearthly) will be bought in per Column Rank shifts of 1000 Karma each, which means to increase after AMAZING: up to Unearthly will cost an additional 2000 Karma to advance.
(This cost will be applied to the following F.A.S.E.R.I.P Stat Increase, Power Rank Increase, and New Powers.)

F.A.S.E.R.I.P Stat Increase: The primary abilities can only be increased in increments of 5 points. The cost for each increase is 1000 karma points(AMAZING: Rank limit then follow revision rules.), and a post explaining what your character has been doing in their personal time to explain the jump. Explanations for increase can be as simple as an increased regimen of training as the She Hulk did when she joined the Fantastic Four (she used the Things old weights and was able to boost her strength to his level)or as complex as an alien abduction/experimentation unleashing untapped mutagenic factors. If your ability score is below EXCELLENT then use the Rationales rule above.

Power Rank Increase: Again, Powers will be increased in increments of 5. The cost of each increase is 500 karma points(AMAZING: Rank limit then follow revision rules.), plus a post explaining the increase in power potential. An increase above Unearthly is subject to my approval and a limitation.

New Powers: Additional Powers cost 1500 karma plus 50 times the starting rank number(AMAZING: Rank limit then follow revision rules.) Example: If I wanted a flame sheath of Amazing power, this would cost me a total of 4000 karma unless I wanted it at Unearthly then the cost is 8,000 karma.. Example: If I wanted a flame sheath of Amazing power, this would cost me a total of 4000 karma unless I wanted it at Unearthly then the cost is 8,000 karma.

Exception: Robotic characters may be modified at a cost of 1000 plus 20 times the starting rank number, provided that someone is capable of modifying their form. All powers are subject to GM approval and will require a post and roleplaying to develop and explain. Use of limitations can be used to waive some of the power cost, judged on a case by case basis.

Cost of new powers demonstrated in Marvel by at least 5 instances with verification will be ½ price.
Any NEW power to be purchased must make sense for the character and will be subject to refusal!
The power acquired cannot conflict with an existing power, otherwise it cannot be purchased or the benefits of the power that don’t conflict with the current power will be allowed.

Example: Body Armor already takes into play a resistance to physical attacks & energy resistance, therefore a power like “True Invulnerability” will not surpass [ True Invulnerability ONLY>>HALF(1/2)*(rounding UP or DOWN) ]the current power Rank level of the body armor due to conflicting powers being of the same “TYPE” regardless of the cost acquired above it. For instance a current Body Armor of Remarkable: to physical & energy, but yet a purchase of “True Invulnerability” at GOOD, all resistances associated with that power are at GOOD except all the physical & energy “TYPE”aspects of the power resistance which remains at Remarkable due to an already existing similar power. The only other way to increase the current resistance is using the power Rank Increase method, the current power cannot be replaced!

Resource Increase: Resource level can be raised in increments of 5, costing 1000 karma points per increase. The Judge will set up a way to explain increased revenue with suggestions from the player. Keep in mind that a good idea in the Marvel Multiverse isn't always guaranteed to win big bucks, and any advance to a new resource level is subject to GM approval. Raising an ability to the next highest rank (from Excellent(20) to Remarkable(30), for example) is called Cresting. When cresting into the next rank, an additional 200 karma points are spent.

Popularity:Many avenues exist for increasing Popularity of a character. The easiest is to write posts wherein the character is seen doing good deeds and charity. Karma may not be spent to increase Popularity, rather popularity can be used to increase karma by using hero status to help the misfortunate. Keep in mind that popularity can be lost easily as well. Being framed for a crime you did not commit is always a popular example. A different kind of Popularity is the kind one hold with their established contacts, this pop rank is often higher than actual popularity and can be further increased by spending 500 karma, and roleplaying with the GM (GM as the contact), or by writing a post in which relations are somehow improved. Actions performed by a character that are contrary to the interests of contacts can adversely effect the relation despite spent karma.

Talents: This is basically the same as the book. A talent learned from an NPC (non player character under the GM's control) will cost 1000 karma. A talent learned from a PC (player character) will cost 1500. The difference is that learning from a NPC gets the character interacting with the Marvel Universe around them and promotes greater gameplay and new possibilities for adventure. The Player is encouraged to announce they are attempting to learn the talent well in advance of spending karma and to roleplay time spent practicing the skill.

To help the players flesh out their characters as the Marvel Universe intended; any talents that the characters will or currently possess according to Wiki(judge’s call), Marvel’s very own database, and the Marvel Universe handbooks will be given a Karma discount of 50% to purchase the Talent.
Example: Gambit has the martial artist skill of Savate(kick-boxing), therefore he can purchase the martial artist skill that most reflects that form of combat for 500 Karma instead of the regular 1000 Karma.
NOTE: regardless certain Talents will remain at FULL! price due to the Talent being considered “game changing”, Talents considered are noted below.

Weapon Skills:
Weapons Specialist:

Fighting Skills:
Thrown Objects:

Professional Skills:

Scientific Skills:

Mystic and Mental Skills:
Mesmerism and Hypnosis:
Mystic Background:

Other Talents:
Student: (Similar to Heir to Fortune, this
Talent may now be gained through

Other Skills:
Depends on skill created or assumed by character history

Contacts: New contacts can be added without spending karma by lengthy roleplay and posting of stories, however the process can be sped up by spending 500 karma and naming a contact.

NEW alteration to MSH game- Falling damage rule:
It will be treated just as it is written with 1 addition, damage will accumalate the farther one falls translating to 2 points of damage per area fallen! (per CHARGING rule on damage per area) added to damage taken from material landed on.


If you are playing an established Marvel Super Hero, the question of whether he has done this stunt before or not is determined from the Marvel Comics themselves. Eachtime you can spot him using this particular stunt, that counts as one time. ( THIS MEANS THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THE 100 KARMA BECAUSE THE HERO HAS AUTOMATICALLY MADE THE POWERSTUNT WORK THAT ONE TIME! THEREBY MAKING THE NEXT POWERSTUNT CHECK EASIER BECAUSE YOUR HERO HAS MOVED DOWN THE SCALE TO MAKING THE COLOR RESULT EASIER.)
Example: In one issue of X-Men, Nightcrawler uses his power to make three quick teleports, behind
three separate opponents. He does it again several issues later. This means he has
pulled this Power Stunt twice.
If you are playing a hero that you have never seen perform this stunt, this means you have never performed it before. In either case, the Judge may say "no" to a stunt, if he feels it unbalances the character.

The type of FEAT (made against the Power rank) needed to make a Power Stunt is
determined by the number of times your character has tried it.
• Never tried it — red FEAT roll
• Tried it up to three times — yellow FEAT roll
• Tried it more than three times — green FEAT roll
In addition, a character making a Power Stunt must lay out 100 Karma points to make the roll (in addition to any other Karma he may spend -- see Karma), UNLESS YOU HAVE A COMIC REFERENCE TO THE POWERSTUNT THEN NO COST. Spending the Karma does not guarantee success; it only ensures that yes, the character can try the stunt. If the stunt is ruled impossible by the Judge, no Karma is spent. If a player character has tried a stunt more then ten times, it is considered to be part of his or her bag al tricks for that Power, and a FEAT roll is not necessary to say if it is possible (this is similar to purchasing another Power in full, but allowing the player to use the Power as he is paying for it).

This is also from the rules and will be followed strictly!!!

A number of listed Powers have possible Power stunts listed as potential abilities using that Power. These are only possible stunts using these Powers, and are not "automatic" Power stunts for anyone who gains these Powers. The listed Power stunts are options available to characters with those Powers.

Players running pre-generated characters with a history in the Marvel Universe can find a listing of their most common Power stunts under those Powers. They are not limited to those stunts alone, and often in their appearances in the Marvel Universe exhibit other stunts that they may perform, As a general guideline, if a pre-generated hero has performed a Power stunt at least twice in his own book, it indicates a true manifestation of that Power stunt (as opposed to one totally due to circumstance or outside influences). and may be attempted by player characters. The type of FEAT result needed (green, yellow, or red) is determined as noted on page 17 of the Players' Book.

But what about situations outside those suggested for various random Powers or detailed in character's listings or their adventures? At this point. the Judge earns his keep and his name: he makes a judgment on whether the FEAT is possible.

This decision should be based upon the situation and what the player is trying to have his hero do. As a general rule. the effects of a Power stunt should never be of greater effect than the Power it is derived from, and will usually be of one rank lower than the Power it is derived from. The Judge must ask the question, is what the player asking reasonable?

Example: Several heroes with superior speed. like Quicksilver or Northstar, can run in a circle very quickly and generate a whirlwind as a Power stunt. Beast also has a "speed" Power that he uses to sprint for short distances; The two Powers are both Speed related, but Beast's is at a much more severe and limited rank. For Beast to try the "create a whirlwind" Power stunt would make little sense. and the Judge would reject it on that count—it does not make sense the way the character operates. A character with a more powerful speed factor might try it, but generate a less powerful column of air and as such be less successful than the two speedsters.

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