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* = Human Maximum

"Dexterity represents a Character's agility and nimbleness."
APs Benchmarks
1-2: The person has normal agility and can perform activities associated with daily living.
3-4: The individual has agility equivalent to one who practices athletlc abilities beyond what is required for daily living such as: police officers,firemen, clowns, stage performers, dancers
5-6: The person possesses agility equivalent to individuals who are well honed in athletic prowess as Gymnasts, Stunt men, Circus Aerialists. Animal Man, Cyborg
7-8: The Individual is agile enough to be a medal-winning Olympic gymnast. Aquaman, BIue Beetle, Starlite, Vandal Savage, Deadman
* 9-10: This person possesses the best agilty humanly possible and could easily become a record-setting Gold Medal Olympic gymnast.
Batman, Bronze Tiger. Ra's AI Ghuf, Kobra
11-12: This is a superhuman level of athletic prowess, where the individual can actually dodge high velocity projectiles such as arrows and bullets aimed directly at him or her with moderate effort. Elongated Man, Spectre" Mister Miracle, Amazo
13-15: This level of agility allows the dodging of laser fire and the ability to sight and catch slower moving projectiles, such as arrows and bullets. Wonder Woman, Superman, Cheetah,Captain Marvel
16-18: The person is capable of athletlc maneuvers that seem to defy the ability of the humanoid structure, His or her reactions are so swift that laser fire appears in slow motion, Monitor, Anti-Monitor
19-21: Reaction time and coordination are so attuned that the Individual's thoughts and actions are simultaneous.
22-24: The character's actions begin before the human brain can complete a thought. ,Flash
(Joy Garrick)[while substituting Superspeed for "DEX”]

25-27: A person with agility of this magnitude sees his surroundings, even energy, as motionless and can easily 'dodge multiple laserfire.
28-30+: A level of agility where the Individual's reactions occur as if,he was clairvoyant.

"Strength represents a Character's ability to lift weight and withstand duress."
APs Benchmarks
1-2: A normal human who can lift 200 pounds above his head.
3-4: A person with exceptional human strength, equivalent to that of professional weight lifters. lifting Range: 400 - 800 pounds Anthro the Cave Boy, Jonah Hex, Amanda Waller,Wildcat
* 5-6: This is the level of maximum human strength. lifting Range: 900 - 1,600 pounds. Batman, Starlite, Hawkman, Creeper
7-8: This is super-human strength capable of bending a steel crowbar. Lifting Range: 3 - 6 tons. Aquaman, Nukton, Firehawk
9-10: A person with strength of sufficient force to demolish a concrete barrier. Lifting Range: 12 - 25 tons. Hourman, Metamorpho, Red Star
11-12: The power of the Individual's strength can rupture a steel wall.
Lifting Range: 50 - 100 tons. Big Barda, Troia, Cyborg, Lead of The Metal Men
13-15: The Individual can summon strength to crush titanium without real effort or throw a car a half mile (this can be done at a 15). Lifting Range: 200 - 800 tons. Iron of The Metal Men, Mammoth
16-18: At this level of strength, most barriers, natural or man-made, cannot stop this individual, as he can easily demolish a fortified bunker. Lifting Range: 1,600 - 6,400 tons. Spectre, (POST-CRISIS:Martian Manhunter, (POST-CRISIS:Wonder Woman, Solomon Grundy, Grodd, Lobo
19-21: this Individual possesses strength equivalent to that of the giants of ancient legends, lifting Range: 12,800 - 51,200 tons. Kalibak, X'Hat, (POST-CRISIS:Captain Marvel
22-24: At this level the individual possesses god-llke strength. Lifting Range: 102,400 - 409,600 tons. (POST-CRISIS:Darkseid, (POST-CRISIS:Orion, Ares.
25-27: Beings with strength in this range have TItan-level prowess. LiftIng Range: 819,200 - 3,276,800 tons. (POST-CRISIS:Superman, (POST-CRISIS:Heracles, (POST-CRISIS:Atlas
28-30+: This is entity-level strength. Small celestial bodies are obliterated with the exercise of this level of strength. Lifting Range: 6,S53,6OO - 13,107,200 tons. Monitor, Anti -Monitor, (POST-CRISIS:Trigon


"This Attribute represents a Character's standard resistance to physical damage."
APs Benchmarks
1-2: A normal human who is susceptible to normal pain stimulus.
3-4: Body conditioned to withstand moderate damage without great pain. The Individual can weather many blunt attacks, as a prizefighter or a martial artist. Amanda Waller,John Constantine. Huntress, Captain Boomerang
* 5-6: The body is conditioned to withstand the greatest amount of physical damage humanly possible. The individual possesses exceptional resistance to fatigue. Batman,Bronze Tiger, The Warlord, Jonah Hex
7-8: The body can endure attacks from street-level weaponry, such as knives, chains, bats, and small caliber guns. The body has a density equal to a brick wall. Swamp Thing, Aquaman, Hawkman, Deathstroke the Terminator
9-10: The body is resilient enough to resist most military weapons, such as high caliber automatic rifles. Big Barda. Red Star, GoId.of the Metal Men
11-12: The body can withstand high Impact explosives that could demolish a reinforced concrete bunker. Characters with a Body in this range literally possess steel-hard skin. Metamorpho, Firestorm, Demon
13-15: The body has density ranging from titanium (at a 13) to diamond hardness (at a 15). At this level the individual is nearly invulnerable and can easily withstand anti-tank fire. (POST-CRISIS:Wonder Woman, (POST-CRISIS:Martian Manhunter, (POST-CRISIS:Power Girl, Solomon Grundy
16-18: The body is virtually indestructible and can withstand highly charged plasma beams and direct hits from powerful demolition bombs. Superman, Dorkseid, Ares
19-21: At this level, the body is impervious to conventional weaponry save for nuclear munitions, and has the density of a wall of Promethium (at a 20). Brimstone
22-24: At this level. the body can survive the crushing forces of space for extended durations and survive the direct detonation of a multikiloton nuclear device.
25-27: Bodies In this range can withstand forces unleashed by gods. Spectre
28-30+: The body can resist a direct hit from a 100 megaton nuclear weapon. Monitor. Anti -Monitor


"Intelligence represents a Character's ability to think rapidly and his/her knowledge of facts,"

APs Benchmarks

1-2: This person has the problem-solving abilities of the average high school graduate. Major Force, Gnort
3-4: This individual is the equivalent of a particularly bright high school graduate. Plastic Man, Ragman, Peacemaker, Guy Gardner
5-6: The individual has the ability to process Information on the level of the Industrious college student. Anthro the Cave Boy,The flash (Wally West), Robin, Major Disaster
7-8: The person's intellectual capacity rivals a professional who is one of ten authorities in a field of study or a born genius. Aquaman, Nightwing, scarecrow
9-10: The Intellect equals a professional who is one of three world authorities on a subject. Swamp Thing, Hourman, Grodd, Wonder Woman, Joker
11-12: The person is a genius or has intellect on par with an Individual who is the best authority In the world on a subject. Batman, Superman, John Constantine
* 13-15: The individual's Intelligence is beyond what is normally experienced on Earth, with the ability to conceive concepts centuries beyond current conventions. Lex Luthor, Pariah, the Brain, Jor-EL
16-18: The person has an intellect giving the Individual the ablllty to adopt concepts completely foreign to his society or environment. Vril Dox II of the LEGION, Brainiac, Highfather, Darkseid
19-21: This Individual has the intellectual ability to master every worldly subject. Phantom Stranger, Sandman
22-24: This Individual possesses intellect with the ability to comprehend and utilize knowledge spanning the galaxy.
25-27: At this level, the Individual can understand and process knowledge on a universal scale. Anti-Monitor
28-30+: The individual can understand and conceive knowledge that is multi-versal in magnitude. Monitor


"This Attribute represents a Character's ability to draw conclusions and his/her willpower in general.'"
APs Benchmarks
1-2: The Individual possesses the will to face a new morning and confront the obstacles of a normal life. Solomon Grundy, Ma and Pa Kent. Abigail Arcane Cable
3-4: The person has a focused dedicated will and can summon the courage to save victims from hazardous situations such as burning buildings. He might naively risk his life for stories or glory. Mr. Mxyzptlk, Commlssioner Gordon, Lois Lane
5-6: This individual has exceptional self discipline and can remain rational and clam during a crisis. Captaln Atom, Pariah, Doctor Mid-nie (original), Rocket Red
7-8: The individual possesses the resolve to conquer any human, rational threat or fear, saw death. Bronze Tiger, Catwomon, Mister Miracle, Hawkman, Maxwell Lord
9-10: The individual possesses enough
Willpower to override self-preservation and enter an obviously unsurvivable battle. Lady Quark, Sergeant Rock, The Warlord, Enemy Ace.
11-12: The will is of an unyielding determination and fanatical strength and the individual is fully capable of confronting sanity threatening situations and mystical phenomenon with no loss of resolve. Batman, Joker, Power Girl, Wonder Woman
13-15: The person possesses superhuman resolve to overcome paranormal situations beyond the scope of human comprehension. Swamp Thing, Amethyst
16-18: The individual has sufficent wlllpower to wield great power with unfaltering confidence or arrogance. Brainlac, Raven, Guy Gardner, Highfather
19-21: Individuals at this level of willpower can dominate situations that could have planetary repercussions. Superman,Orion
22-24: The Individual's will is formldable enough to challenge Intergalactic menaces without fear. Metron, Green Lantern (Alan Scort), Green Lantern (John Stewart), Sandman
* 25-27: The individual possesess god-like mental resolve and is accustomed to overcomlng universal obstacles and threats. Phantom Stranger, Green Lantern (Hal Jordon). Darkseid, Ares
28-30+: The Individual is resolute even In the face of universal destruction. Monitor, Anti-Monitor, Guardians of the Universe.


"This Attribute is a measure of a Character's resistance to mental stress."
APs Benchmarks
1-2: A person can endure the normal stress of daily existence.
3-4: The person's mind Is conditioned to withstand stressful conditions similar to those faced by police officers, firemen, and doctors. Hourman, Rocket Red, Cyborg, Speedy
5-6: The person's mind Is equipped to deal with great stress as a part of daily life. Undercover agents, leaders of nations, and most heroes fit this category. Deadman, Green Arrow,Fire, Vixen
7-8: The Individual has the mental fortitude to continue normal activities even in persistently painful or stressful situations, such as those experienced by hardened soldiers. Martian Manhunter,Sargent Rock, Ra's AI Ghul
9-10: The Individual will maintain self-disipline and sanity even under strenuous torture or pain. Wonder Woman, Eclipso, Solomon Grundy, Circe
* 11-12: This person's mental endurance is at the peak of human fortitude. Batman, Swamp Thing, Raven, Brother Blood
13-15: A person wlth this level of Mind is accustomed to dealing with alien or inexplicable phenomena, or problems outside any human experlence. Individual, can handle the stress equated to "the weight of the world" in stride. Demon, Superman, Brainiac
16-18: This person can mentally endure the consistent strain of a hostile and taxing condition such as war for centuries. Highfather
19-21: At this level, the person has a god-like mental stamina. Darkseid, Guardians of the Universe, Chemo
22-24: The mind remains whole even in situations where the laws of reality shift.
25-27: The mind can withstand an assault that strikes to the core of the individual's existence. Phantom Stranger
28-30+: An individual with mental stamina at the level of a primordial entity. Monitor, Anti-Monitor, Death, Sandman


“Influence represents the power of a Character's personality and presence."
APs Benchmarks
1-2: The individual receives the normal attention accorded any living creature.
3-4: This person has the persuasive ability to hold and draw the attention of a small audience.
5-6: The individual at this level of Influence can hold and draw the attention of a large audience. Flash(Jay Garrick),Black Canary, Booster Gold, Wildcat
7-8: The personality is so unique as to be highly regarded by several people across a nation or a state. Viking Prince, Queen Hippolyte, Green Arrow, Blackfire
9-10: This individual's personality is strong enough to attract the attention of the leaders and citizens of many separate nations. Amanda Waller, Batman, Circe, John Constantine, Wonder Woman
11-12: The person's presence is powerful enough to have gained the attention of even legendary personages. In some cases their notoriety is so comprehensive as to be a household word across the world. Swamp Thing, Child
* 13-15: This individual can easily garner the attention of an Individual from another species, Spectre, Demon
16-18: This person can attract the attention of powerful personages such as Demons and the Lords of Order and Chaos without effort. Doctor Fate (as Nabu)
19-21: This individual receives reactions from people as if the person were a god or goddess without needing any display of power or a reputation. Phantom Stranger
22-24: This person has an overwhelming presence and can establish a reputation across the galaxy.
25-27: This person can force a reaction from universal audiences and personages such as Death, Destiny, Sandman, etc. Nergal
28-30+: Multi-versal notice can be accomplished. Death


"This Attribute represents a Character's ability to intercede with his/her personality to affect the actions of others and also indicates his or her level of magical power."
APs Benchmarks
1-2: At this level an individual can leave a basic impression on someone.
3-4: This individual possesses an Aura equivalent to a that of a very amiable person, such as an actor or a priest. Jonah Hex, Speedy,Hourman (Rex Tyler), The Atom (Roy Palmer)
5-6: This person has a presence strong enough to change the emotional status of an auditorium-sized crowd of people from dead calm to an electrified frenzy. Queen Hippapolyte, Aquamon, Big Barda, Mister Miracle
7-8: This individual has a mystique capable of affecting the opinions of people across the nation. The person can gain loyalty and respect upon appearance. Batman, Enemy Ace, The Warlord, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
9-10: The individual can alter the opinions of various citizens across the world and is capable of generating a cult following within a region the size of a country, Wonder Woman
11-12: This individual is capable of generating myths and legends that last for several centuries, John Constantine, Eclipso
* 13-15: This personality can gain the respect of even legendary figures, such as King Arthur, and sway the opinions of beings of great mystical power. Arion, Circe, Zatanna, Brother Blood
16-18: The individual can reason with and possibly alter strong personalities, such as those of angels and demons, Demon, Darkseid
19-21: When It comes to strength of personality, this individual can walk amongst the gods as a near-equal. Spectre, X'Hal, Superman
22-24: This lndivudat's Aura Is powerful enough to make his or her word law across the galaxy. Doctor Fate (as Nabu)
25-27: This personality is powerful enough to etch a legendary standing across the universe. The most powerful beings in the universe will heed this individual. Phantom Stranger, Monitor, Antl-Monitor
28-30+: The individual's presence stretches beyond the confines of this universe.


“This Attribute represents a Character's ability to withstand mystical stress and also a reflection of the Character's general spiritual_resolve."
APs Benchmarks
1-2: The Individual can withstand average life experiences with two or three major crises.
3-4: The person's Spirit is equivalent to that of an individual who can weather an assault on his or her core beliefs. Ice, Changeling, Desaad, Checkmate Knight
5-6: This person is so secure in his or her beliefs that he or she is willing to die for them. Most Heroes: Huntress, Fire, Booster Gold
7-8: The individual is capable of enduring several major crises without loss of resolve. John Constantine, Deadman
9-10: The Individual possesses a fortitude that cannot be altered even by the blackest life experiences. He can withstand the mystical assault of an experienced sorcerer. Batman,Wonder Woman, Doctor Occult, Mister Miracle
11-12: This person has can easily cope with extraordinary phenomena and knows no true fear. This is usually a qualification for entry into the Green Lantern Corps. Zatanna, Brother Blood, Hal Jordan , Arion, Sinestro
* 13-15: This Individual can endure several attacks from a master level Sorcerer and traumatic supernatural catastrophes routinely. Amethyst, X'Hal, Zantanna
16-18: This person's spiritual resilience is equivalent to that of a god-like mystical being. Darkseid, Ares
19-21: At this level the Spirit remains strong even in the ravages of a hostile environment such as Hell or Qward. Lords of Order and Chaos
22-24: The Spirit can withstand an extended battle with a major demon. Doctor Fate (Nabu)
25-27: The individual can resist the attack of an entity level mystical force. Trigon
28-30+: The person is spiritually pure or invulnerable, a condltion attainable perhaps only in the state of nirvana. Death

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