Editor's Note to Players of the Second Edition

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Editor's Note to Players of the Second Edition

Postby MorganWolf » Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:53 pm

Editor's Note
to Players of the Second Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the DC HEROES
Role-Playing Game. lf you're like me, you've been
playing the 2nd edition for years, and you might be
thinking: ''Why a 3rd edition? The second edition was
a big improvement over the first. which was already an
excellent system." There are two answers to this
First, we ran out of 2nd edition boxed sets, and the
decision was made to switch to a more convenient (and
less costly) softcover format. Since we had to layout
tbe entire book anyway, we decided to revise the rules
as well, rather than simply putting out a reprint in a
different format.
The second (less important) reason is that,
although the 2nd edition was an exceptional system in
its own right and much improved over the original. it
still contained a number of minor rules problems,
typographical errors, etc., many of which were brought
to our attention by Players who attended conventions or
write letters.
When I was handed this project, it was made clear
that the 3rd edition had to be 100% compatible with all
2nd edition products. I also decided that I would not
change the actual game system (still intact from the 1st
edition), and that I would make every attempt to
change the rules in such a way that existing Characters
would not need to be revised or re-written (especially
considering our recent Who's Who supplements).
With these guidelines in mind, the task of putting
this book together became a bit more difficult, but I
think it was well worth it. All the minor changes that
have gone into the rules are far too numerous to
summarize here, so I can only suggest that at least one
member of any DC HEROES group, preferably the
Gamemaster, should read this entire book and pass on
the specifics to the others. Particular attention should
be paid to Chapter Two: Character Design, since
many of the Power descriptions have been expanded
and clarified, and some Base Costs and Factor Costs
have changed.
The product you hold in your hands contains the
same fun and exiting game as the previous editions,
with the added benefit of revised rules, new Abilities,
and updated DC Characters, including the notorious
Bryan Nystul

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