The List of 30th Century DC Heroes - Earth R - Legionaires

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The List of 30th Century DC Heroes - Earth R - Legionaires

Postby MorganWolf » Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:23 am

This is the beginning of a NEW super heroes campaign that we will be playing in time. This is going to be played by the old DC rules and everyone picks A Legionaire character It takes place in the DC universe of the 30th Century and therefore will include heroes from that time line that will be allowed to be chosen from:

Founding members
Lightning Lad (also Lightning Boy; after reboot, Livewire)

Saturn Girl-

Cosmic Boy-

Silver Age members
Superboy- Player: Reuben Veiga

Supergirl - Player:Nice Lopez

Chameleon Boy - Player: Ramon Guillen

Invisible Kid

Colossal Boy (after reboot, Leviathan)

Star Boy

Triplicate Girl (also Duo Damsel; after reboot, Triad)

Shrinking Violet

Sun Boy

Bouncing Boy

Phantom Girl

Brainiac 5 - Player: Eddie Gutierrez

Ultra Boy

Matter-Eater Lad

Mon-El (also Valor; after reboot, M'onel) Player: OPEN ex-Jose Gonzalez

Element Lad

Lightning Lass (also Light Lass; after reboot, Spark) - Player: Monica Taramona

Dream Girl (after reboot, Dreamer)

Karate Kid

Princess Projectra - (see SENSOR GIRL)

Ferro Lad (after reboot, Ferro)

Shadow Lass (after reboot, Umbra) - Player: Robert Enyart

Timber Wolf (also Lone Wolf)- Player: Rene Alfonso

Chemical King

1970s members
Wildfire (also known as Erg-1) - Player: Peter Barranchea




1980s members
Invisible Kid II

Polar Boy - Player: Ricardo Harris

Sensor Girl



Magnetic Kid

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