GM: Pedro Barrenechea
System: modified 4c system
Genre: Cyberpunk/Anime / Horror (Get Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, Avatar, and Final Fantasy Advent Children now toss in Cathulu & Demon City Shinjuku if you know what I mean.. you will love this!)
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Postby Peewee » Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:28 pm

Hi guys

I need you to post your characters (full stats please)


Sam (Pablo)
Gaara (Jose)
Tasha (Nice)
Cid (Ruben)
Aio (Albert)

Also if you post a background you will get bonus experance... (that means you too nice)
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Re: Characters

Postby grey » Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:00 pm

Just Io for my guy.

btw here's a pic of the research assistant in case you guys were wondering what that looked like.
The bot has a grayish paintjob. It has a few more arms with computer interfaces and research probes.

praying mantis bot.jpg

and a pic of a Remar

Werewolf.jpg (24.44 KiB) Viewed 1199 times
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Re: Characters

Postby white_raven » Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:32 am

Tasha Kocbern
Age: 22
Magic-altered female human
Social Ranking....6

AdTech Armor
Perormance Hover Motorcycle

Armored ATV below... (Edit and Added by Peter)

Developed Powers:
1. Elemetal Control (Fire, Air)
2. Elemental Generation (Fire)

Power Stunts: (only powerstunts with * have been learned)
Fire 40R
*1. Flame Flurry:blasts a single opponent with fire of 40R intensity from up to 4 sectors away.
*2. Firewall: a wall of fire like a force field that destroys items of up to 40R intensity, protecting myself and allies within the same sector.
*3. Dampen/Heighten Flames: can increase or decrease the temperature of flames.
4. Fire Breath: blasts opponents in 4 adjacent sectors with 40R intensity fire.

Air 30R
*1. Wind Blast: a blast of air that can damage a single target up to 40R intensity, or all adjacent sectors up to 30R intensity.
*2. Air Telekinesis: can lift up and move objects/people of up to 30R weight.
*2b. Levitation: can propel myself and others upwards.
2c. Air Glide: can propel myself and others in any given direction as per Flying at 30R speed.

Powers to be Developed
Elemental Control (Earth, Water)
Elemental Generation (Earth, Water, Air)

Power Stunts to be Developed:
Earth 30R
1. Ground Shake: Shakes the ground at 30R intensity in a sector up to 3 sectors away causing all opponents in that sector to be thrown back a sector and become stunned.
2. Earth Strike: sections of earth raise and damage opponents in a sector up to 3 sectors away for 40R intensity damage.
3. Gaia Force: raise sections of earth higher, lifting object/people with it.
3b. Gaia Glide: disks of earth rise and hover above the ground allowing movement in all directions like a hover craft.

Water 40R
1. Jet Stream: a blast of water that damages a single target up to 40R intensity, or all targets in a straight line.
2. Water Armor: solidify water into a hard ice-like casing that provides body armor of 40R intensity.
3. Water Cage: a whirling stream of water of 40R intensity that surrounds and submerges targets in a sector up to 4 sectors away.
4. Whirlpool: a circling stream of water of 40R intensity that damages all within the same sector.
4b. Water Grave: a towering mass of 40R intensity water that floods 3 adjacent areas up to 4 sectors away.

Elemental Combos:(to be learned only after Elemental Generation has been learned for all elements)
Volcanic Destruction: earth and fire combine to create an eruption of earth and fire envelopes all opponents in a sector and stuns them at 40R intensity.
Explosion:air and fire come to create and explosion that destroys up to 4 sectors at a time at 40R intensity.
Steam Clouds:fire and water combine to create a super heated steam that obscures a sector for 40R duration.
water and earth combine at 40R intensity to create a terrain of mud in 1 sector that impedes movement.
Earth Rain: earth and air combine to create a hail of rocks that rains down at 30R intensity on up to 3 sectors stunning all within.
Healing/Death Touch: water and air combine to sustain life or impede it. Heals one target 30R intensity but prevents the use of all other elements for 1 round there after. Cuts off the air from 1 targets lungs for as long as I can hold my breath (Fortitude 20R) causing the target to fall unconsious for the same length of time.

Character Notes:
On the search to find the truth of her fathers death the name Ashanti.

This is the ATV (Armored) Sits 6, has crystalized matria power core (range 20k miles) - additional notes incoming

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