Intro & World Map

GM: Pedro Barrenechea
System: modified 4c system
Genre: Cyberpunk/Anime / Horror (Get Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, Avatar, and Final Fantasy Advent Children now toss in Cathulu & Demon City Shinjuku if you know what I mean.. you will love this!)
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Intro & World Map

Postby Peewee » Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:21 pm

After a long day you finally crash in your apartment, the city is quite now... Between the hours 3 and 4am, the city always seems asleep, quite, and peaceful.

You want to get some sleep for sure… your expected back at the monastery in a few hours…
Just a quick flip through the news channels before you hit the sack…

“Home System...”

“Yes Donavan” a sexy female voice answers, just loving that voice-sic almost an exact copy of her voice patterns, it’s nice to have that voice around, god you miss her.

“Bring up the Vid… Falcon News Network please… News of the day, start with technology”

“As you wish…” you defiantly need to see about changing that, Stacy never spoke that way….

Walking toward the kitchen a small metal disk starts to float down from the ceiling, stopping a few inches above a small table set in the middle of the room, just as you open the fridge and get a nice cold beer the Halo-Vid sparks to life...

The image takes a moment to clarify… a young Jamazi woman with fire red hair sits behind a black steel desk, a flacon head logo floats down at the bottom, an anchor for a stream quick headlines which seem to loop around the base of the image. “Today Ganger Corporation, well known for its mage-tech as well as the unitization of Crystallized Metria has brought out Sarjuri inc., an electronics firm operating out of the city of Madran. Known for its innovative developments in the field of nano-technology Sarjuri made a name for itself with the creation of the … "

Her voice seems to trail off as your eyes focus on the news ticker…

(Story 1/12/105-a2 ) There are reports that the thrice blessed lords and lady will speak tomorrow in the temple of the high moon, no time has been set – more.

“Stac.. damn, umm… HomeSystem, bring up story 1/12/105-a2”

“Vid or Text?”

“Text.. and set Text as default for ticker links..”

“As you wish”

The image on the screen starts to blur out and is slowly replaced with several pictures and a square filled with glowing text... scanning the article you find a point of interest.

Some think this is in response to the death of Alandria Najali the last surviving citizen of the Dark Cataclysm her loss marked a sad note in….

Your eyes skim down and freeze on one line.

Unconfirmed sources report that the universities have been contacted as well as the military about creating a scientific exploratory force, tasked with exploring the ruins.

“HomeSystem… call all registered brothers and sisters… schedule a meeting at 8:00pm... Tell them it’s mandatory... tell them we will watch the announcement together, and to bring their families.”

“As you wish”

Welcome to the Three Cities of the Enlightened

105 years ago… the population of Erthan went from 6 billion to a little over 3 million in less than 12 hours. The gods, who had not spoken directly to the Enlightened for over 600 years, took human form and gathered many of the survivors, bringing them to the island nation of Familera.

Of all the nations, Falmeria suffered the least... while all of its northern cities lay in ruins, only three of its southern cities escaped most of the damage, though many died, the structures and infrastructure of these cities remained operational…

The last 105 have marked an era of reconstruction, by decree of the gods, none were to go north of the shore. Trade between the three cities would be done by sea and no ship was to leave visual range of the coast. Under the guidance of the gods the Enlightened flourished once more. Surpassing technology levels which predated the dark cataclysm as all three cities became independently self-sufficient.

With the words of gods spoken, a new era begins… that exploration. The Military with the newly founded Scientific Exploratory Force have been charged with pioneering the rediscovery of the northern cities, and tasked with one over reaching mission… find what caused the Dark Cataclysm.

But within the shinning steel and glass of these cities hides a dark world of criminal enterprises ruled by gangs and families. A world where corporations, some as relentless as crime families, fight for dominance over the markets. A world where magic has always been a part of science, studied in universities by a select and talented few. A world where select bloodlines possess powers of the mind. A world where the religion is not based on faith but fact…

Welcome to what’s left of Erthan.

Welcome to Falmeria home of the Three Cities of the Enlightened

World map... or what you know of it

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Re: Intro & World Map

Postby Jay » Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:33 pm

kool ^^
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