Campaign Rules v0.2

GM: Pedro Barrenechea
System: modified 4c system
Genre: Cyberpunk/Anime / Horror (Get Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, Avatar, and Final Fantasy Advent Children now toss in Cathulu & Demon City Shinjuku if you know what I mean.. you will love this!)
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Campaign Rules v0.2

Postby Peewee » Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:10 pm

New update..

Character Advancment is in the gamemaster section.. so far the gamemastering section in outline form but Advancment is for the most part done.. sans editing.

Also Drama Die have been added to Chapter 1

List of Documents/Chapters
0_Intro (Includes characters creation, rules overview, and world intro)
Chapter 1_Character (Origins, Races, Attributes, Traits)
Chapter 2_Skills
Chapter 3_Powers
Chapter 4_Advantages
Chapter 5_Gear
Chapter 6_Combat
Chapter 7_Gamemasering
X1_App_Character Sheet
x2_App_MRT (Master Resolution Table)

This is still a Bata test until I finish typing out all the rules, so rules are subject to change.. I will do a better job of tracking changes from now on.

Need to finish the gamemaster secton which will cover the use of Traites, Character Advancment, and encounter design.

I also plan on adding Drama Dice rules to the Intro & GM sections section.

I’m restarting the rules discussion thread below.
Chapter 1_Character.pdf
updated with Drama Dice
(146.48 KiB) Downloaded 130 times
Chapter 7_Game Mastering.pdf
Character Advancment in here...
(95.38 KiB) Downloaded 122 times
x2_App-Resolution Table.pdf
(57.81 KiB) Downloaded 120 times
x1_App-Character Sheet 1.0.pdf
(103.92 KiB) Downloaded 118 times
Chapter 6_Combat.pdf
(147 KiB) Downloaded 133 times
Chapter 5_Gear.pdf
(168.51 KiB) Downloaded 129 times
Chapter 4_Advantages.pdf
(95.4 KiB) Downloaded 126 times
Chapter 3_Powers.pdf
(152.37 KiB) Downloaded 141 times
Chapter 2_Skills.pdf
(88.44 KiB) Downloaded 120 times
Chapter 0_Intro.pdf
(169.86 KiB) Downloaded 141 times
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