Episodes II/III: The Devil in the Dark/Reliquary

Title: New Sith Wars
System: v3.0-v3.5
GM: Philip Slama

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Episodes II/III: The Devil in the Dark/Reliquary

Postby Ozymandius » Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:31 pm

The players were sent to the world of Bandomeer to investigate why the Jedi Council had lost contact with the planet and were assigned a permanent liason, Jedi Knight Rajan. Upon arriving at the planet it seemed that a large snowstorm was affecting the planet and that communications had been disrupted due to an unknown drain on the city's power.

The players located the source of the problem and were able to successfully restore the compound's full power output but learned that the undersea platform served as a secret base of operations for the late Dark Lord Belia. They discovered her holocron and her droid-hybrid technobeasts which used a nano-virus to infect living creatures and turn them into mindless cyborbs.

They escaped from the platform after the main tunnel collapsed in on itself but managed to use a group of ancient Sith fighters to reach the surface and report back.

On their way back from Bandomeer their hyperdrive suddenly cut out and forced them to land on Deservo, a highly exnophobic planet. They learned that a Jedi archeology team had struck out with the local leaders and pressed the PCs to help them gain access to dig in the swamps. The players found a repair shop and fixed their hyperdrive but did assist in unearthing the tomb of the planet's most feared warlord Xim who had been poisoned and presumed dead.

When they entered his temple they found that he was very much alive and played a sophisticated role within the Bothan Spy Network and was slowly rebuilding his forced from inside a time stasis field. Unfortunately he was shot in the chest and felled in single shot from the party; not dead but unconcious from the force of the bolt. He was brought in for questioning as the players resume their travel to Coruscant to report their findings to the Jedi Council.
- Philip Slama

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