The New Sith Wars (Frequently Asked Questions)

Title: New Sith Wars
System: v3.0-v3.5
GM: Philip Slama

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The New Sith Wars (Frequently Asked Questions)

Postby Ozymandius » Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:04 pm

1. How familiar do I have to be with the setting to participate?

If you have ever seen a Star Wars movie you are qualified to play. Since this campaign takes place in a period of history with very scarce reference material all players are essentially at the same level when it comes to specific campaign information. If a player reads the Campaign Primer for the New Sith Wars ( they will fully understand the galactic situation, the major powers and the direction of the story.

2. How familiar do I have to be with the system to participate?

If you have participated in any d20 system then you understand the basics of how the Living Force campaign works. Yes there are some subtle changes in the Skills in order to accommodate Force powers, and there are some "variants" that have been included as part of the Skills section. Please refer to the Campaign Primer for the New Sith Wars ( for a full listing of variants to the system.

We will of course be happy to assist those who are new and understand that everyone is not on the same level when it comes to beginning play in a new campaign.

3. How long is this home campaign?

The entire campaign is slated to run over forty-one (41) episodes each between six and eight hours. This does not mean that the campaign will take 41 weeks; however, the total length of the campaign is variable and depends on the actions, speed and prowess of the players in confronting the challenges contained within. This is merely an estimate and not a precise measurement, however if these guidelines are followed during the course of the campaign then it will take approximately forty-one (41) weeks barring any other considerations.

The campaign is designed to take characters from 1st to 21st level over the forty-one (41) episodes.

4. How often do you play and how long?

This particular campaign will be played every Sunday, unless otherwise mentioned in this forum, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. This takes into account the fact that several players must travel to the game site, which allows us to start between 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. and gives us at least seven to eight hours of game time. Depending on the situation the sessions may be shorter or longer than estimated due to player committment, ability in solving situations or episode length.

5. What if I have to leave during a game or cannot make it?

The beauty of this home campaign, over others, it that is is structured so that players must meet certain level requirements before moving onward. Below are the two situations that are addressed by this unique style of advancement:

1. Player Attended but Left Early
This person is awarded full experience for the episode and are given a share in the episode's equipment and credit selection.

2. Player Could Not Attend
This person is awarded full experience for the episode but are given no share in the episode's equipment and credit selection.

6. Are there any "table" or "home" rules?

There are several "home" and "variant" rules that are utilized in the New Sith Wars and are referenced in the Campaign Primer for the New Sith Wars ( for a full listing of variants to the system.

7. How much input do I have in the development of the story?

Players make the story, end of the discussion. The judge has generated these forty-one (41) episodes but what happens as a result of player actions within and outside of the gaming sessions further shapes the campaign. The judge has determined what are "favorable" outcomes that the players should strive for but if they manage to fail which drastically changes the course of the story then it will be taken into account and upcoming episodes modified to meet this new development.

This is a flexible home game and as such players are encouraged to act out their adventures and strive to leave their imprint on the campaign.

8. I've looked through all the source books and this campaign doesn't take place in any of the eras available for play! What's going on?

Because so many people are familiar with the storyline and characters associated with original Star Wars and newer films, including the book series dealing with the New Republic, it was decided to hold this campaign in an era where players would have little to no advance knowledge of the setting in order for them to experience it without any outside influence.

9. Can we play good or evil guys?

This question is partially nullified by the fact that there is no alignment in this game. Your character's "goodness" or "evilness" is determined by their number of Light and Dark force points. The more Light force points a character has the more "virtuous" their character is; more Dark force points indicates a more "tainted" character.

Be warned that a player can lose their character permanently if they acquire a number of Dark force points that exceeds their Wisdom score.

10. How important is character background?

While not critical to have in the beginning of the campaign it is still important to know a basic story for your character in order to define them and their goals. Some players will have fully fleshed out backgrounds and that should not negatively affect you or your character. Those players who provide more background or information will find themselves with more at stake than those with less; it can also lead to special tailor-made episodes meant to advance your character or your background.

11. Do the heroes all know each other?

They do not, however, they can if they wish to. The first episode brings all the of the characters together and gives them a common purpose and direction which is what will bind them together during the course of the campaign. Any stronger relationships between characters can be developed through the course of the sessions or role playing.

12. What is the primary goal of the heroes?

There is no primary, concrete goal for the heroes; however, there is a situation within the galaxy which threatens the heroes. The Galactic Republic has been beaten back into the Core Systems by the Sith and are on the verge of collapse after a thousand years of constant warfare with their dark brethren. The heroes find themselves from time to time working with the Galactic Republic to drive back the Sith forces with the ultimate overarching goal of reducing or eliminating the Sith threat to the galaxy.

13. What is the mix of fighting, talking and thinking?

This varies from episode to episode but players can be assured that all three of these conditions will be present in each episode allowing for players to utilize their full set of skills, abilities and talents.

14. What level of realism versus heroism is there?

The focus of the campaign is on the "epic" that is Star Wars. Large battlefields, space combat, intrigue and guile; as well as the cliche line or two. To this end the game will usually try to balance the two, however whenever it is possible heroism is always encouraged as players should strive to be "epic" like those characters in the movies and books.

15. How many players are in the group?

Currently the game can support up to ten players so if you are interested please send a Personal Message to Ozymandius indicating your interest in the game.

16. How are rules disputes handled?

If the players wish to dispute a rule they may make a logical argument to the judge, if it is sensible it will be included in the variant rules. However, if both the players and the judge disagree they may opt to use the "d6 Rule" and each opposing side rolls a d6. The person with the higher result wins the rules argument.

This may seem arbitrary and somewhat disconcerting but it save time, player argumentation and more often than not solves the problem in a quick and efficient manner.

Of course the judge reserves the right to simply state, "No."

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