Pathfinder Society: Kick off the Year of the Ruby Phoenix

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Pathfinder Society: Kick off the Year of the Ruby Phoenix

Postby MorganWolf » Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:22 pm

Pathfinders, Assemble!
We're literally just hours from the kickoff of Pathfinder Society's fourth year, Season 3: The Year of the Ruby Phoenix!
So what can Pathfinders expect from Gen Con this year? Well, for starters, we have an exclusive Chronicle that we'll give to all players and volunteer GMs who play or run either a scenario or delve event in the Pathfinder Society room—the largest such space we've ever had at Gen Con!

Everyone who plays a session of either type of event will get a key (or a coin that can be turned in for multiple keys) to possibly open our Pathfinder Society Treasure Chest! Inside is a chance to win a number of great prizes including Pathfinder Society-branded memorabilia, signed copies of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardcovers, GameMastery map products, Pathfinder Tales novels, and 15 different GenCon-only boons for use with your Pathfinder Society character! We're not done, though... One of the very rare prizes is the opportunity to name a character that wil l earn a permanent home in our world of Golarion and have a starring role as one of the Pathfinder Society's elite members, the Venture-Captains!
Despite being almost completely sold out of all of our Pathfinder Society events, don't despair! We'll have up to 5 tables of hour-long delve events running through most of the day to give those who can't get into ticketed games a chance to play Pathfinder and possibly win some of the above-mentioned boons and prizes. So even if you didn't get a spot in one of the over 400 tables of Pathfinder Society going on at the show, stop by rooms 231–234 to get your Pathfinder on (heck, we'll even give you a special Chronicle just for saying hello)! Our friends from Lone Wolf, makers of the HeroLab character generation software, will be right outside to help you create a Pathfinder Society character to get started playing right away!

And Paizo's presence isn't just in the organized play rooms, either. We'll have almost everyone in the company in the booth at one time or another, so stop by and see who you can chat up or have sign your new copy of Ultimate Combat. On Saturday at 3:00pm we'll be having our annual Pathfinder costume party, so if you have an iconic getup or even a costume for your favorite personal Pathfinder character, stop by the booth then for group pictures and a chance to win some great prizes as the fans on vote to choose their favorite costumed attendee.
We have a ton of great stuff in store for everyone at Gen Con, so make sure to stop by Booth #302 to pick up all the latest Pathfinder Roleplaying Game books, or by the Pathfinder Society HQ (Indiana Convention Center rooms 231-234) for the chance to win special prizes. See you all in Indianapolis for the Best Four Days in Gaming!

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