How to get to 12th level

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How to get to 12th level

Postby Needles » Sat May 08, 2010 10:17 pm

Joshua J. Frost posted:

To be level 12 right now, you would have needed to play (basically) the following scenarios pretty much in order:

1 through 21 (now you're level 8)

22, 25, 26 (level 9)

27, 28, 31 (level 10)

32, 34, 36 (level 11)

38, 40, 42 (level 12)

The first Tier 12 is #46 (March). The second is #54 (June). The third is #61 (September). The finale of the first arc is #67 (December).

Those of you in the 10-11 area approaching Tier 12 will have the following scenarios to gain XP from before or at Paizo Con:

44, 53, and the Year of the Shadow Lodge.

Then before or at Gen Con you have:

60, and the Year of the Shadow Lodge.

Then after Gen Con you'll have:

64, 66, and 68 taking you through the end of 2010.

So that's at least 7 scenarios each of the level 10 or level 11s could play before the end of the year to hit Tier 12 and clear the first Tier 12 arc.

Hope this helps. :-)

Personally, I need 38, 40, 42. I'll be 11th then, due to starting another character I'm a little behind the curve. I wonder what everyone else needs to do to get to level 11.
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