Power Attack for monsters

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Power Attack for monsters

Postby Needles » Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:54 pm

I ran into a fellow player that said his creature was -1 /3 when power attacking. When talking I got the impression that his strength is unmodified and not at a 1+1/2, nor at half strength. In the instruction of the rules for power attack it says that you use -1 /3 for main attacks that have their strength at 1+1/2, not for strength scores that are not modified. For strength scores that have 1/2 their strength modifier for damage you use -1 /1.

That means for monsters that use strength scores that are strait up. Not at 1+1/2 nor at 1/2 you use -1 /2 for damage. It is a little confusing, but that is how it is used according to how I read it. Read the first sentence for power attack. It goes for monsters that have a strength that is unmodified like the Owl Bear. It doesn't say this anywhere in the instructions for power attack. It implies it if you read it right. It just might take a while. :D
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