EATING A MOD-- much simpler read carefully!!

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EATING A MOD-- much simpler read carefully!!

Postby MorganWolf » Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:54 am

Rule from Organized Play 4.3- page 39-40

Game Master Rewards

In Pathfinder Society Organized Play, we reward GMs for volunteering their time to run such events. Starting with Version 2.2 of this document (and not retroactive to any previous scenarios that were run), any GM who runs a scenario gets full credit for that scenario applied to one of her own characters. “Full credit” means the GM gets the following: 1 XP for the scenario, 100% of the Max Gold for the subtier most appropriate to the GM’s character, and 2 PP (or, for a slow advancement track character, 1/2 XP, 1 PP, and 50% of the Max Gold for the subtier most appropriate to the GM’s character).
The GM may select any special boons bestowed by a Chronicle sheet, such as free magical treasure, regional boons, or future bonus die rolls. The GM does not get a Day Job check. If the GM previously received partial
credit on a Chronicle sheet for a scenario she ran (using the old reward system), she must keep the partial credit and cannot run the scenario again for full credit on a second Chronicle sheet.
The subtier for which a GM’s character receives credit depends on the character’s level. If a GM with a 1st-level rogue runs a Tier 1–5 scenario using Subtier 1–2, she takes a Subtier 1–2 Chronicle sheet for her 1st-level rogue. If she instead runs a Tier 1–5 scenario using Subtier 4–5, she still takes a Subtier 1–2 Chronicle sheet, as her PC clearly falls within the lower subtier.
If the GM with a low-level character runs any higher tier scenarios that don’t include a subtier for her 1st-level rogue, she takes the lowest subtier Chronicle sheet from that scenario and holds it for her PC. Then, once her PC achieves the appropriate level for that Chronicle sheet, it is immediately applied. For example, if a GM with a 1st-level rogue runs a Tier 5–9 scenario, she would take a Subtier 5–6 Chronicle sheet (the lowest subtier for that tier) for running the scenario and set it aside. Once her rogue
reaches 5th level, she can immediately apply the Chronicle sheet to her character. This means that GM characters can potentially level up in bursts.
Should a GM receive a Chronicle sheet that indicates her character is between subtiers (for example, if she runs a Tier 1–5 scenario with Subtiers 1–2 and 4–5 but has a 3rd-level character), she must always play down,
taking a Chronicle sheet for the lower subtier. This rule is meant to balance the fact that the GM’s character does not have to expend any resources or risk death while gaining a Chronicle sheet for running a scenario.
When you choose to take a Chronicle sheet for GM credit, you must decide which of your characters receives
the Chronicle sheet when you fill out the tracking sheet for that table. You must apply Chronicle sheets in the
order they are received. The only exception is when you hold a higher-tier Chronicle for a lower-tier character. In either case, you do not need to build the character until
you actually play it.

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Re: EATING A MOD-- not so simple anymore read carefully!!

Postby Thanos » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:22 am

that is why you need multiple characters

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