Arcanis the Roleplaying Game Available for Preorder

New system, new campaign, same amazing stories! get ready to rock my friends!

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Arcanis the Roleplaying Game Available for Preorder

Postby Peewee » Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:53 am


A World of Heroes...

With the power held in these pages, one will forge a Hero, a veteran of dangerous adventures, a capable and courageous champion of Arcanis. There are many such Heroes - be they brave knights, pious priests, cunning rakes or mysterious sorcerers - but Fate has only a chosen few destined to shape the world with their passing. Your Hero is among them. Search of Legends
This tome is your gateway into epic tales limited only by your mettle and imagination. With it, you will create the greatest Heroes Arcanis has ever seen and test them in the crucible of dangerous times. Within its pages, you will discover:

• An introduction to the Origins-Award winning World of Arcanis to greet our newest Heroes
• An accounting of that which has gone before, to welcome the return of our seasoned veterans
• Complete rules for the creation and advancement of great Heroes, ready to set out and forge the future
• A new combat and skill system to test the wits and mettle of even the most jaded Hero
• A magic system that places the very power of creation in your hands, at peril to your mortal form

Your Legend Starts Here!
Visit the Paradigm Concepts Online Store to reserve your copy now! Be sure to order the Origins pick up copy if you are going to visit us at the booth to get one - otherwise order the regular variety and we will ship it out to you!

We have also posted a new combat example document showing a few of the changes in the system.

There is more coming... but here is the best news!

If you pre-buy the book you also get the free PDF.. before the book is out!

As an aside we are converting to the new system at Origins.... we have a LOT of stuff in the pipe!
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