Heads up!! New Arcanis.. Knightly Order of the Phoenix

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Heads up!! New Arcanis.. Knightly Order of the Phoenix

Postby Peewee » Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:51 pm


Like many of the more prestigious Orders of the Crown, the Knightly Order of the Phoenix was once a legion during the period of time when Milandir was the Coryani province of Milandesea. However, unlike many of its sister Orders, the history of the Order of the Phoenix predates the Coryani Empire itself.
Chosen from the amongst the finest Knights of the Crown, those that Aspire to the Order must prove themselves even beyond the substantial deeds that earned them notice in the first place. It is only these most accomplished and loyal Knights that are granted permission to bind with one of the Order's famed Mastiffs, a beast unlike any mundane dog, and rise to the true rank of Knight of the Order of the Phoenix.

This 12 page PDF details the history, organization and secrets of the Order of the Phoenix and provides everything needed to play one of these elite Knights of Milandir.

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