Adventure Submissions!!

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Adventure Submissions!!

Postby Peewee » Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:43 am ... .php?t=749

here is the page cut and paste over to us

The Chronicles of the Shattered Empires campaign needs adventures! If you have a story idea, PLEASE submit them to Melinda Reid via writing (at) shatteredempires (dot) com

Our edit queue is empty at the moment, so the way is clear for *your* adventure proposal!

For the best chances of getting approved, your adventure proposal should:
* Be in, near, or otherwise about the Crusade! arc
* Be in a detailed outline that explains the goal(s) of your adventure and how you plan to accomplish them with your encounters. (Max 2 pages for the initial proposal, please)
* Have all text in the body of the email instead of an attachment.
* Allow PCs to be Heroes and affect the outcome of the adventure rather than be pulled towards only 1 possible outcome. (If you have a campaign fiction proposal, please hold onto it until we release those submission guidelines.)
* Center on the deeds of the Heroes, and have plot resolutions that will matter to PCs built for the Crusade.

Factors that will hurt your chances of getting approved (not an exhaustive list):
* Resolving major core plot points (reintegrating the Dark Triumverate or Milandric Church back into the Mother Church, propose a lost heir that trumps Osric, reveal "the truth" about a core storyline that you made up yourself, etc)
* Killing off a major NPC or portraying them counter to existing canon
* Using a major villain (Voiceless Ones, the Silence, True Dragons, the Man of a Thousand Eyes)
* Being set in a restricted region (Ymandragore, Elonbe', Seremas, Pirate Isles)
* Having a plot that only becomes clear at the end of a long series. The Crusade arc is only 2 years long, and started in June 2010, there may not be time for all the adventures in the series to premiere before the end.

As always, I can be reached via email - feedback (at) shatteredempires (dot) com and PMed through the forums. (If you're a voice chat person, we can set up a time, but I do work rotating shift work.) We're excited to see what you come up with!
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