Campaign Rules?

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Campaign Rules?

Postby Dwraith » Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:18 am

Where can i find the rules for the Shattered Empire rules. I am making characters yet don't know what the legal and whats not.
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Re: Campaign Rules?

Postby Peewee » Wed Sep 01, 2010 12:05 pm

Here is the link ... .php?t=395

copy and pasted... because I can

In preparation for Origins, I wanted to collected the necessary campaign rules in one place. The official campaign guide, when released, will override anything discussed in this post. If you have questions, or find missing items please contact me and I will update this post.

Character Creation
All rules as presented in the Quickplay Book are used, with the following additional rules.
- Attributes are purchased using the Heroic tier.
- Your character's starting gold is determined by taking half of each die, adding 1 to each such result, and then multiplying by 10. For example, a Patrician with a Charisma of 6 (d8) has 5d10+1d8 x 10 starting coin; that works out to 350 Gc to start.
- Starting nation and region may be chosen from those listed on Table 2-2 (page 51 of the Quickplay Book).
- If you select the Exile/Expatriate Background, you are limited to the nations and regions listed on Table 2-2.

Character Rebuilds
You are free to rebuild all of your character's details anytime between adventures, until such a time as the character in question has played a non-Introductory adventure.

Adventure Categories
The campaign will be using two primary adventure categories, Hard Points and Soft Points. As with the previous campaign, these are used to designate adventures that fall under the core story-line (as determined by PCI) and those adventures that tell the stories that fill in the world around that story-line.

Additionally, all adventures have a classification: Introductory, Standard, Story, Grind. These are used to indicate the relative challenge of the adventure.

Advanced Spells
While we aren't at the point where players will be able to make use of this rules feature, it is still worth mentioning in brief the campaign policy towards advanced spells. You are fully allowed to use this; however, you are expected to have the spell pre-written on a spell-template (these will be available in the campaign guide before then). If you do not, your ability to use the spell is at the discretion of the GM.

Additionally, the GM is allowed to audit the advanced spell, at his or her discretion, to ensure that it was correctly built. If they find it was not, then it simply cannot be used.

Time Units / Meta Campaign
The Chronicles of the Shattered Empires Campaign will not be using Time Units. You are free to play whatever adventures are released each year using any character you have that falls within the Tier requirements of the adventure (although, don't expect to see any specific Tier requirements for at least the next year, or more).

Meta-Campaign events, such as Marketplaces, are also not something that will be continuing. With the purchase access to equipment effectively wide-open (note that magic items are not available for sale, except a few specific locales; hence characters won't be able to purchase such goods). Higher-quality items (ie, Legendary) will be restricted; details on those restrictions will be in the formal campaign guide.

The Chronicles of the Shattered Empires Campaign does use certificates; however, unlike its predecessor, few items will be certed. Each adventure will have a Chronicle Page that details the major accomplishments, earnings (or losses) and other side-effects of the adventure your Hero completed (or maybe not). These are typically going to be half-page certificates.

Friendship of Loshnek
You may, upon completing your first adventure, attach this certificate to your character's first Chronicle Page. When you do so, choose one of the following lesser runes; your character receives an unmarked package, sealed only with a single drop of still-soft wax containing the rune you selected.

Irregardless of how many copies of this certificate you may possess (courtesy of cohorts), you may only apply a single instance of this certificate to any character(s) you have in the Chronicles of the Shattered Empires Campaign.

Available Runes
- Avalance
- Perseverance
- Shadow
- Sorcery

Notes for Origins 2009 - Dedicated Judge
This certificate, issued to volunteer judges at the finale of Living Arcanis, requires some attention as the rules items it refers to are not included in the Quickplay book. You have two options; you may hold this certificate until the full rules book is released, leaving it unchanged; or you may replace the entirety of its benefits with the following.

You may choose, at character creation, one weapon, one suit of armor or one piece of gear. That item is of Fine quality; however, it should be considered an heirloom (and thus, cannot be sold). If you take this option, write 'Alternate' across the certificate and fill your new character's name on the certificate.[/list
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