Harvester Regional Coordinator Program

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Harvester Regional Coordinator Program

Postby Peewee » Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:52 pm

Ok guys heads up...

Anyone want to be the Miami Coordinator (or Broward for that matter)

Hello everyone,

We're rolling out the Harvester Regional Coordinator Program.

Details below:

Paradigm Concepts, Inc.’s
Harvester Regional Coordinator Program

I. Legalese
a. Tovolunteer for this position, you must be 18 years of age or older.
b. Onemust be willing to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with ParadigmConcepts, Inc., hereinafter referred to as PCI.
c. Thisposition is a volunteer position and being accepted into said position does notin any way, implicit or explicit, signify that you are a PCI employee.
d. Aperson is this position must always act in a courteous, professional and friendlymanner to all those persons that they may be in contact with during their timeas a Harvester volunteer.
e. Thevolunteer must be able to comply and fulfill their monthly duties and reporttheir completion to PCI.
f. Applyingfor this volunteer position means that you understand these restrictions andagree to perform the duties as described below.
II. Whatis a Harvester?
a. AHarvester is a regional coordinator forthe Legends of Arcanis Organized Play Campaign who arranges and coordinatesplay opportunities at local stores and conventions, as well as act as a pointof contact for local players, Chroniclers and Store Owners.
III. Dutiesand Expectations
a. Organizeand facilitate a minimum of ONE Legends ofArcanis games a month at a local Game Store and/or local convention in yourarea. Home games are NOT anacceptable substitution for this requirement.
b. Builda positive relationship with local game storeowners, managers, employees andlocal players.
c. Createand maintain a report (EXCEL Spreadsheet would be best) of your local gamestores including contact information (Name, Address and phone number),manager’s name, Point of Contact (if different from Manager), what, if any PCIproducts they carry, and if they are running In-Store Gaming of Legends ofArcanis. These reports are due at the beginning of each month.
d. Createand maintain a list of players (names and email addresses, if possible) andmake sure they are aware of the PCI forums and Yahoo Groups. These reports aredue at the beginning of each month. Once again, an EXCEL spreadsheet would bebest.
e. Provideyour PCI liaison with feedback on the Campaign and products from the gamestores and players.
f. Becomethe Point of Contact for local Convention Coordinators, gaming clubs, and gamedays in your area.
g. Assurethat these Coordinators have the materials that they need, have requestedpremieres in a timely fashion (if available), and that they have the GMsnecessary to run the games.
h. Createand maintain a list of the local Conventions, gaming clubs and game days, includingthe name of the Con/Event, the days when the event takes place, the locationand Point of Contact.
i. Ensurethat these events are entered in the PCI Forums in a timely fashion.
j. Providefeedback about and from the event and their coordinators.
k. Runa minimum of one Legends of Arcanis session per month at either a local gameday or convention. Home Games are NOT anacceptable substitute.
l. Participateon the PCI forum or LA Yahoo group at least once a week.
m. Becomefamiliar with the entire Arcanis Product Line and system and be comfortablespeaking about the system and campaign to others.
n. NEVERspeak ill of other Campaigns, games or game companies. Doing so is grounds forimmediate termination from this program.
o. Pleasegive notice to your liaison should you no longer wish to participate in thisprogram.
p. Notethat these requirements may change in the future, but ample notice will begiven should you feel that you can no longer fulfill your duties.
IV. Rewardsfor the Harvester Program
a. FreePDFs of all Arcanis products before they are released to the public.
b. SpecialPCI Forum “Tag” that is only available for Harvesters
c. Invitationonly dinner for Harvesters at Origins or Gen Con. Please note that members ofthe Harvesters organization that wish to attend this function will be requiredto provide their own transportation, rooms, and badges to the Convention.
V. RegionalAreas
a. Onlyone person per region will be selected.
b. Onlya limited number of Harvesters will be selected at the beginning of thisprogram. Others may be added in the future.
VI. Howto Apply
a. Sendan email to pciharvesters@gmail.com and attach adocument (.doc, .docx, .rtf or pdf) with you full legal name, physical mailingaddress, phone number and email address.
b. Additionally, this document should list yourexperience with the Legends of Arcanis Campaign or the previous Living ArcanisCampaign.
c. Whetheryou are currently active in another company’s or Campaigns organization.
d. Yourlevel of experience and comfort with the new Arcanis RPG.
e. OtherRPGs with which you are very familiar with running/playing.
f. Anyconventions, events, game days, etc that you have organized.
g. Alist of any conventions, events or game days that take place in your local areaand indicate which you attend regularly.
h. Alist of local game stores in your area and whether they provide space and timefor in-store gaming.
i. Ashort summary of your roleplayingexperience.
j. Alist of any criminal convictions since the age of 18, if any.
k. Anyadditional information that you feel is relevant to your application.
VII. Nopurchase necessary; void where prohibited.

Peter B
PCI Rules Developer & StatMonkey
Paradigm Concepts

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