Hollywood Premiere: The Gods ARE Crazy

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Hollywood Premiere: The Gods ARE Crazy

Postby Ozymandius » Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:12 am

LOS ANGELES -- Simon William, a B-List movie actor known for his legendary stunt work, has recently directed, produced and released his very first film titled: The Gods ARE Crazy. The story involves a dashing hero known as Remington Steel, played by Rick Jones, sporting the character's trademark red leather jacket and is called upon to defend the forces of Asgard against the encroaching armies of the Olympian pantheon.

Steel must assemble a team of other trustworthy heroes to aid him in his quest to turn back the advancing armies and discover why a war of gods has erupted. When he arrives in Asgard he finds a dire situation and is paired up with his slapstick companion Thor who provides countless comical relief throughout the whole of the movie. Also among his comrades is the beautiful Jenny Psycho, played by porn star Linda Love lace from the 1985 March Playboy spread, who is a talented psychic and matter manipulator.

There are many twists and turn in the plot including several amazing fight scenes which showcase the stunt work talents of Simon Williams in some of the most amazing acts ever performed. Of course the showing of Thor is sub-par as he is knocked out by Hercules in one of the main combats and then incapacitated later on.

All in all the movie has been a mediocre success at the box office but never-the-less a strong debut for a fledgling director.
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