Gambit seeks a cure!!

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Gambit seeks a cure!!

Postby MorganWolf » Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:38 am

Gambit leaves his ex-comrades and misses their companionship as the extra-dimensional threat is abatted.

Gambit: "I must find someone who can tell me why this is happening to me; I have been feeling these surges of energy sweel up inside me over the past few months, but now they are harmful to me, WHY"

Gambit takes a journey to avengers mansion and declares himself a friend to the security system as he awaits a response from inside to his greetings.

Gambit: [Thinks to himself] " I know this system fairly new, but with a few surprizes I bet- hehehe"

The door is opened by the synthezoid vision who calmly asks why he is here and that it would be prudent for him to speak quickly as he is identifyed as a savory character in the mutant world. He then explains that he must see whoever can help him with his power issue and that time is dire as he does not know how long he can maintain control over his problem. He is then excorted to the research area of the mansion and introduced to Mr. fantastic who is currently running an experiment.

Gambit: "I have to find a way to submiss these surges of power that seem to go out of control inside me it takes alot of my concentration to contain sometimes I cannot do it, then not only do I suffer but others around me also and I wish to not bring harm unless they deserve it Mon-ami"

Mr. Fantastic: "Gambit understand this goes against my nature, but when I contacted xavier on muir isle, he vouched for you, yet I have my misgivings. We are aware that you are a suspect in several interpol robberies that were never solved".

Gambit: "HHmmmmm" ( silence-pause) then a slight smirk on his face.

Mr. Fantastic: " I must tell you that this battery of tests will be extreme and dangerous to you as well as the surrounding area. The tests willl not be pleasent and the results entered in both the avengers and fantastic four databases, this needs to be the case as we must even catalouge ourselves for information retrieval, let us begin".

Richards then begins the examination and research into Gambits mutant gift. They work many long hours into the night as the days turn into a week, both men having stubbled faces as a weeks growth show on them. Richards prods, tests, and calculates gambits performance in their own version of their training room. The tests begin to take their toll on both men; yet Gambit entertains himself by consuming several packs of cards in that timeframe. The results are then tallied into the computer and the final results are spat out for richards to view.

Mr. Fantastic: "It is as I suspected, first off you must understand that I have been studying the physiology ( of superbeings for years now; it is a the study of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of living organisms. Physiology tends to concentrate on understanding how physiological traits changed throughout the evolutionary history of animals including MAN. Other major branches of scientific study that have grown out of physiology research include biochemistry, biophysics, paleobiology, biomechanics, and pharmacology. I now know exactly how your power functions in the sense of how it flows thru your physiology(body functions to name it for those unknown to the sciences) and there is a great amount of power in you but your body seems to not be able to handle it-why I cannot say as you can see the science needed in this instance is GENETICS a discipline of biology, is the science of heredity and variation in living organisms. Although he did not know the physical basis for heredity, Mendel observed that organisms inherit traits via discrete units of inheritance, which are now called genes.
Genes correspond to regions within DNA, a molecule composed of a chain of four different types of nucleotides—the sequence of these nucleotides is the genetic information organisms inherit. DNA naturally occurs in a double stranded form, with nucleotides on each strand complementary to each other. Each strand can act as a template for creating a new partner strand—this is the physical method for making copies of genes that can be inherited.
The sequence of nucleotides in a gene is translated by cells to produce a chain of amino acids, creating proteins—the order of amino acids in a protein corresponds to the order of nucleotides in the gene. This relationship between nucleotide sequence and amino acid sequence is known as the genetic code. The amino acids in a protein determine how it folds into a three-dimensional shape; this structure is, in turn, responsible for the protein's function. Proteins carry out almost all the functions needed for cells to live. A change to the DNA in a gene can change a protein's amino acids, changing its shape and function: this can have a dramatic effect in the cell and on the organism as a whole. Two additional factors that can change the shape of the protein are pH and temperature.
Although genetics plays a large role in the appearance and behavior of organisms, it is the combination of genetics with what an organism experiences that determines the ultimate outcome and this is why you need a geneticist.
You will need someone who who understands the DNA strands of life itself and knows how to manipulate it without harm to the host. My attempts on my best friend Ben has resulted in mutations to his physiology over the years, I will not subject someone to that level of manipulation. I'm afraid that I cannot help you in this endeavour and as it is an ethical issue because your health is in danger I would not count on Henry Pym or Hank Mc'coy to conduct the changes as it would require changes on the molecular level, who knows what changes could be wrought there. I'm sorry but I would consider another option. Remember Gambit that you tamper with forces beyond your control so don't try to make hasty desicions, I wish you luck."

He leaves the avengers mansion as a solemn soul lost in thought.

Gambit: " I must try to make this work for me, BUT HOW?"

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