The Daily Bugle: Avengers: Red Hook

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The Daily Bugle: Avengers: Red Hook

Postby Peewee » Fri May 29, 2009 11:14 am

You pick up a copy of the Daily Bugle and see on the lower right corner of the frount page

Avengers in Red Hook!
by Chris Baiocchi, Staff Writer

The Avengers are pleased to announce that they have awarded one of their first franchises to Vance Astrovic and Luke Cage. With the help of two well known Avengers, Scarlet Witch and She-Hulk, they have opened an Avenger's base of operations in one of the neediest sections of New York...

Located in Red Hook on the corner of Van Dyke St. and Ferris St. the modified warehouse overlooks lady liberty and has brought the light of hope and a feeling safety to an area that just last week the police would not enter after dark.

When asked about Red Hook Vance Astrovik answered “Just look at this place… the people here need us, I just hope we can make a difference”

“Ya man, these people need us… instead of a nice mansion in the center of the city we came here… we both volunteer at the YMCA and we both try and help the local population as much as we can. The kids here see us as positive role modules something most of them lack.” Added Luke Cage as he called many of the local kids to play a few rounds of half-court Basketball.

After the grand opening Vance & Luke also announced that they would be assisting in the rebuilding of Red Hook Park, a small park not far from the Avengers home base which has fallen to disrepair, the announcement brought cheers from the local children and many of their parents.

The opening of AEF: Red Hook may bring some much needed attention to this part of the city, this reporter hopes so.


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