Avengers Assemble! 91 to 92, Results of Avengers storyline

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Avengers Assemble! 91 to 92, Results of Avengers storyline

Postby MorganWolf » Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:47 pm

(October 6, pm) The Symkarian
Jewels exhibit at the Symkarian
Embassy is disrupted by various
super villains such as the Scorpion
and Man Mountain Marko.

The avengers responded to a robbery alarm at the embassy- Sersi, Quasar, Black Knight, Warbird, Gambit, Sandman, and Gilgamesh. They attempted to stop the villians in question- (those above)+ Blacklash, Flying Tiger, Stilt-man, and a mystery villain not yet revealed. The robbery was successful due to a speedster that took the jewels while under the heroes nose's while they battled the villains. All were defeated except for Blacklash who took the escape contingency and left with the speedster who was revealed to be Speed Demon.

(October 19, all) A freak snowstorm
strikes the city and reports of
"abominable snowmen" in Central
Park flood the local media. A
dimensional rift to Niffleheim opened
in the park and a previously unknown
tribe of 13 man-sized hairy creatures
wandered out. If encountered, they
are generally docile, but one clutch of
four creatures are savage. They are
two mothers and their mates
protecting their three infants.

The Avengers- Thor(Eric Masterson), Gambit, Sersi, Mr. Fantastic, Daredevil, Dr. Pym and Hercules reacted to the freak snowstorm and provided rescue efforts as much as possible. When the reports of the snowmen were reported they all converged on central park to seek an answer to the weather event. They spotted the snowmen and were about to attack until one of their own noticed they didn't seem hostile, but Hercules decided to land in their midst and provoked attacks from them to protect themselves; luckily they used non-lethal methods to subdue the attackers and were able to find the asgardian portal that lead back to their home and ushered the snowmen back home.


(November 2) The Avengers West are
contacted by both the X-Men and
local law enforcement officials
regarding a dangerous mutant in
Seattle, Washington with power
readings that go off the scale. He has
been looting local banks and is
always attended by darkness.

currently happening!!!!!

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