D Shift: Dimension Breakdown

Turn of the 19th century science meets aliens, angels, fantasy creatures, demons and devils plus more.
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D Shift: Dimension Breakdown

Postby grey » Thu May 07, 2009 1:21 pm

Dimension Breakdown.
By Alberto Solano.
Copyright 2009

Tesla's invention weakened the barriers between the dimensions. To the point that we can now travel up to 3 dimensions higher or lower than us. Traveling to an adjacent dimension is easy and we can spend as much time there as we wish. With only a slightly out of place feeling.

Trying to travel to the next higher or lower dimension is another story. The shift places to great a strain upon us. We can only spend a few hours at a time depending on how tough a person is. Any longer than a person can stand they begin to weaken to the point that we can no longer function. Too much time can be fatal.

Traveling to the third higher or lower dimension is a risky proposition. The strain on the body is great. Humans can only withstand a few minutes of this or risk getting violently ill. Any more than an hour would be fatal unless some type of preparation was made in advance. Even meeting with a creature from this dimension causes us some pain and discomfort.

Attempting to travel to a fourth dimension away from our own would be instantly fatal to an ill prepared traveler. Even if a traveler went to God's dimension they would be greeted with a totally empty place. The only being that exists there is God. And attempting to be in his presence would prove instantly fatal.
Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the dimension four levels below us. That dimension is filled with creatures of pure and indescribably evil. Travelers meeting any such creature risk going permanently insane.
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