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Turn of the 19th century science meets aliens, angels, fantasy creatures, demons and devils plus more.
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D Shift Canon

Postby grey » Wed May 06, 2009 5:55 pm

D Shift.
By Alberto Solano
Copyright 2009

In an alternate earth timeline it's New Years Eve 1899, Nikoli Tesla has completed completed his Wardenclyffe Tower ahead of schedule. His tower promises free energy to all the world. At 0 hour 1900 the Wardenclyffe Tower is brought fully online and the World is changed forever.

As soon as the switch is turned on devices that are powered by the tower begin to come online. Everyone is amazed and begin to hail Tesla as a genious. However unbeknownst to everyone a side effect of the tower coming online begins to manifest itself.

It seems that the frequency at which Tesla has tuned the tower has caused the walls between dimensions to become easier to cross. The higher dimensions, that of the Angels and the dimension of God himself see that our world is once again accessible. And task the creatures of the dimension in between that of the Angels and Earth to make first contact.

On Jan 1st 1900 at 1:26 pm Alien spacecraft appear over every major city on the planet. At 1:30 pm one ship lands on the White House Lawn and a group of Aliens land representing The Greys and The Nordics make first contact. Over the course of the next year they guide and introduce us to advanced technology and also bring us closer with God.

At the same time the lower dimensions are also learning the walls between dimensions are one again passable. Creatures and Beasts not seen in ages send emissaries to meet with the Queen of England. Elf and Dwarf Princes arrive at Buckingham Palace seeking an audience with the Queen. With their return to this world magic also begins to appear in places where it has been forgotten.
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