Status Report: Week of February, 22 2009

System: Dungons and Dragons 3.X
GM: Gregory S. Walker

Moderator: Ozymandius

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Status Report: Week of February, 22 2009

Postby Ozymandius » Wed Feb 25, 2009 1:07 pm

Main Objectives Completed:
Secure a slip for our Outrigger Canoe
Find Gainful Employment with Noble Family
Establish a Base of Operations on Private Island

Missions Completed:
Reclaim Stolen Money for Slip Payments to Harbormaster
Find Lost Signet Ring to Family Vault
Decipher Security Measures Within Family Vault
Find and Return Stolen Family Savings
Accidentally Shutdown Major Thieves Network
Track Down Brother Who Stole Family Savings (In Progress)

Members Killed-in-Action:
Arthur Sinclair, Wild Elf (Philip Slama); Death by Hecuba and Ravenous Zombies, returned as Undead.
- Philip Slama

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