Lets See Some New Characters

System: Classic Marvel Super Heroes Campaign
GM: MorganWolf
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Lets See Some New Characters

Postby ScrollMasterRob » Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:32 am

The subject says it all. Everyone should put up their 200 point characters, show where the points went, and put up a little background.
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Re: Lets See Some New Characters

Postby ScrollMasterRob » Sat Apr 16, 2011 2:10 am

Name: Dannan'el. Race: Asgardian Light Elf-Alfheim

F: Gd(10)---------------H: 77-----------------------------------------Total Spending
A: In(37)-----------------------------------------------------------------FASERIP: 31 Points
S: Gd(10)----------------K: 50-----------------------------------------Resources: 8 Points
E: Ex(20)--------------------------------------------------------------Backgrounds: 60 Points--------------------- R: Gd(10)--------------Res: Gd(8)-----------------------------------Powers: 91 Points
I: Gd(10)------------------------------------------------------------------Contacts: 10 Points
P: Rm(30)----------------Pop: 0-------------------------------------Total Points: 200

1)Mystic Origin
3)First Aid
4)Medicine-Asgardian Levels ONLY

Body Armor: Gd. Asgardian Dense flesh


Alteration-Appearance: Ty (6)--------------------------Healing-Others: In(40)
Healing-Self: Gd(8)---------------------------------------Eldritch Bolts: Ty(5)
Shield-Personal: Gd(8)
Shield-Great: Gd(8)
Tongues: Ty(6)

Contacts: The Night Nurse. For those who don't know, the Night Nurse has been around since the 60's. A holdover from the Romance Comic days. Currently the person that the street level heroes go to when they need discreet non-hospital medical attention. She can treat flesh wounds and keep you alive until you can get to a hospital. She is on good terms with Dr.Strange.

Limitations: Problems with iron and iron alloys. All Spells are -1CS vs. Iron Alloys, -2CS vs. Wrought Iron, and -4CS vs. Cold Iron. Her FASE suffers when she is in contact with the above substances the same way her spells do. Also, healing spells are once per day per person-including herself.
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Re: Lets See Some New Characters

Postby ScrollMasterRob » Sat Apr 16, 2011 2:42 am

Dannan'el is an Asgardian light elf. Born in the paradise that is Alfheim. She has travelled some of the Nine Realms (staying away from the realms of the dead and the realms of the fire giants) only to discover that most Asgardians just want to be left alone. The average troll, dwarf, Asgardian, light elf, and dark elf just want to live their lives as normally as possible. Even the frost giants care little of the affairs of the rest of the realms. It is only when certain leaders and instigators start acting out that the Nine Realms see trouble. When Odin goes to sleep, Ulek, Malekith,Surtur, Gerrion, Karnilla, Hela, and Loki all tend to rise up and start trouble. An eternal cycle that just goes on and on without end. Technology in Asgard had stagnated. Dannan'el, a gifted healer, decided to leave the Asgard and venture to Midgard-the land of the mortals-to see if the mortals had learned new techniques in the art of healing.

There are many ways to travel from Asgard to Midgard. The Elves have portals that exit into the British Isles and Ireland. One does not always have to take the Bifrost Bridge. What Dannan'el had discovered was that the mortals had found new and better ways to kill each other and pollute their environment. Iron was being used everywhere. The mortals had developed gunpowder weapons that allowed them to kill each other wholesale. Their cities were clogged with sewage and choking black smoke. Dannan'el used her talents to mystically disguise herself and to learn their language. Most of what she saw was appalling. Children forced to work in dangerous conditions. Nations fighting. Rampant imperialism and colonization. Rampant disease. Dannan'el would leave and return periodically.

One of these return trips saw that mankind had found newer and even better ways to kill each other. The gun-powder weapons could now spew bullets by the thousands. The mortals had developed flight-using iron engines and steel armor, and had learned to make bombs that could spread horrible fires and destroy whole city blocks at one time. Mortals exterminated each other with poisons and deadly new discoveries called bacteria and germs. The mortals even learned to harness the power of creation, and to use that power to build weapons that could destroy entire cities.

But this time, the mortals had also learned how to heal the horrid injuries inflicted upon each other. Machines had been developed that could see into the body. Crippling diseases had been wiped out. Vaccines were developed against other diseases. The environment was no longer blatently polluted. Children were no longer forced to work dangerous jobs. Safety in factories improved. Mortals would actually go to other countries and help those in need after a disaster. Iron was more prevalent than ever, especially in its stronger incarnation, a wonder metal called steel.

Dannan'el decided to leave the British Isles and travel to America. The Land of Opportunity. She traded the last of her Asgardian gold to get the proper transit papers. She travelled to the great metropolis of New York, and there she was astounded by what she saw. The Mortals used steel to build up. Buildings towered into the sky. Mortals travelled along the streets in great steel machines. If the mortals had to travel, they had burrowed long tunnels underground-and travelled in steel tubes. The city was lighted at all times. The most amazing thing that Dannan'el witnessed was the costumed adventurer. People in brightly colored costumes battled with each other. Some wanted to commit crimes for personal gain, others wanted to stop crimes from being committed. Some fought for money, some for fame, some for adventure, and some because of a bizarre sense of right and wrong. Some of these adventureres would travel about the city at odd hours of the morning actually looking for crimes to stop. Sometimes these heroes would get seriously hurt.

Nighthawk was one of these colorful heroes. He was just comingback after leaving the Defenders when he suffered a near fatal shock from the Constrictor followed by a nasty fall. Dannan'el was able to heal Nighthawk to the point where Nighthawk was able to damage the Constrictor's power supply and force the Constrictor to retreat. Nighthawk was able to direct Dannan'el to the hospital where the NightNurse works.
Nighthawk's wounds were treated, and the Night Nurse was able to set up Dannan'el with employment. Some of the NightNurse's street connections (Microchip) were able to procure Dannan'el with a proper set of background papers. Dannan'el is currently going by the name of Daniella Rook. Daniella's occupation is a medical student-currently working as a nurses aide at a private hospital.
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Re: Lets See Some New Characters

Postby Peewee » Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:34 pm




Origin: Induced Mutant
Real Name: Sergio Castile
Occupation: Concocting Investigator
Legal Status: U.S. Citizen
Other Known Aliases: Nil
Place of Birth: Miami, Florida
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father, Sister (Dead)
Base of Operations: Penthouse in NYC
Past Group Affiliations: The Center
Present Group Affiliations: Active Agent of Shield

Fighting Excellent (20)
Agility Remarkable (30)
Strength Good (10)
Endurance Excellent (20)
Reason Remarkable (30)
Intuition Excellent (20)
Psyche Good (10)

Secondary Statistics
Health 80
Karma 70

Personal Remarkable 30
Popularity 0

Known Powers
Hyper-Intelligence: Feeble (2)
Activated Version, Speculation Detective/Espionage
Total of +2CS when activated to Reason (Amazing) but only when using Detective/Espionage allowing Gabriel to preform Mon (75) Detective skill rolls (+2CS from power, +1CS from Talent)

Precognition: Good (10)
Limitation: Gabriel has no control over this power.

Probability Manipulation

Danger Sense: Remarkable (30)

Total Memory: Good (10)

Additional Weakness: If he is facing a Pregcog or is investigatory something a precog was involved all of his powers except for Total Memory simply shut down when anything directly involving that precog.

Law Enforcement
- Gun & Law talents
- Member of Shied may carry gun
First Aid
Weapon Specialist: Pistols

Professional: Tony Stark (Antonio is a heavy investor in Stark Enterprises)
Criminal: Tinkerer


Tactical Body Suit (shown above)
Consisting of a Bata-Cloth jump suit and a Flak Jacket it affords Good Protection vs. Physical attacks and excellent protection vs. Heat and Radiation.

Face Mask (Shown Above)
Consists of Infra-Red Goggles with Polarized Lenses and contains a Gas Mask.

2 Machine Pistols
Ammunition: Mercy Shot (20 Rounds), AP Shot (20 Rounds), Rubber Shot (20 Rounds), Explosive (20 rounds)


Stats (34)
Psyche Typical to good 4
Fighting Good to Excellent 10
Intuition Good to Excellent 10
Agility to Remarkable 10
Induced Mutant +1CS to Reason

Resources 30

Powers (56 Points)
Hyper-Intelligence: Feeble (2)
Precognition: Good ..(10)
Prob Manipulation....(4)
Danger Sense: Re ....(30)
Total Memory: Gd.....(10)

Talents (80)

Total: 200 pts
History (has not been edited)

Sergio Castile’s life look grim from a young age, diagnosed with extreme autism at the age of 6, with his aptitudes being in deductive reasoning and probabilistical math granting the young boy an unequaled ability to not only read people but situations, but lacking any applicable way to convey, or even understand it.
By the age of 10, his patents, expecting a new child, where desperate to find their young son some help, and thought they found it when they were approached by representatives of a think tank called “The Center” based out of NYC. Struggling to meet the tuitions, his parents sent the young boy away, in the hopes that some cure could discovered.

Unknown to his parents, for the next 3 years, Sergio was extensively experimented on, and subject to extreme psychological but chimerical tests. His unique understanding was applied by HYDRA and AIM (before the split) research teams in attempts to prove and apply some of their most radical theories, one of which was the creation of a device called “the probability matrix”, a network of computers and biological components (captured mutants or other genetic oddities, including genetically engineered components) which would predict future events. And while the experiment was, at least initially, a completely failure, causing several of the “biological components” to die producing only snap shots of some random future events, there was one effect… something happened to Sergio…

The only way he could describe it was that he “woke up”, the confusing buzzing in his head was gone, his mind was focused, and in the chaos of the failed experiment, Sergio simply… walked out.

Finding his way to a police station Sergio reported the events to a few police officers, who all thought he had escaped a mental ward nearby (as he was dressed in hospital cloths). They ran his name and his prints to find that the boy had been reported as missing for over 2 years.

Sergio was sent home, went to school, and graduated top 1% from the University of Miami. During that time he became very close to his sister Mia….

A week later he has his 1st precognitive flash when he sees his father get into an accent and somehow stops it. His powers amplify over this time period where he starts to acuity predict future events, even being able to play the stock market… which, thanks to his uncommon and clearly predictable nature develops patterns which quickly come to the attention of the NYSE which informs the FBI… within days he is picked up and questioned, his computer and cell phone confiscated and his life turned upside down.

<writers block here… but I will give you some bullet points>

- He is approached by SHIELD who find his initial reports about the center, Sergio tells them all he remembers and agrees to help them hunt down his fellow classmates and the people behind the center.

- During an investigation he finds two of his old class mates, one of the Craft, is arrested for arming terrorist organizations (despite wiping all his hard drives, somehow Sergio is able to connect the dots between him and several terrorist organizations.

- During one investigation his sister Mia is found dead, this shakes Sergio to the core as he did NOT gain any precognitive visions of the murder... he talks time off from SHIELD and works with the MBPD (as she was killed in a South Beach hotel) after a 6 month investigation nothing is found as Sergio becomes more and more frustrated… his seems unable to concentrate when attempting to investigate anything to do with the murder.

- Nick Fury calls him back to investigate a HYDRA base found in NYC, Sergio find that his powers work just fine with any other investigation…

- He is called a month later to investigate the death of two SHIELD agents, arriving at the scene he finds he cannot concentrate his powers again… but even without them he comes across a particular clue, using his total memory he recalls the same magnet upon the fridge… (No idea what it world say)

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