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System: Classic Marvel Super Heroes Campaign
GM: MorganWolf
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Re: Character Creation Rules- Marvel

Postby Peewee » Fri Apr 15, 2011 11:16 am

ScrollMasterRob wrote:I have committed myself to adapting and running a mod and I agreed to let people try out their new characters. After seeing the utter cheesey broken BS that Jose is trying to pull, we need to lay out a few more ground rules.

1) Ultimate Skill. A mental enhancement power that gives a pc a cheap Unearthly ability. If Jose thinks he is going to shell out 14 points and get 7 Unearthly combat abilities, he's got another thing coming. I have 2 solutions. Either Ultimate Skill is a double power that can be bought for 20 points per talent, or I will pull Jose's favorite argument that the Ultimate Powers Handbook overrules the Players Guide. And since Ultimate Skill is not listed in the UPH, the power no longer exists and therefore cannot be used.

I agree that the 20 points is fair.. with an additional limitation, you can not use for for any combat power (thats Martial Arts Sup)

ScrollMasterRob wrote: 2) Power Stunts. No starting character comes equiped with power stunts. Especially power stunts that are double cost powers.

Fair enough

ScrollMasterRob wrote: 3) Equipment. Body Armor should be bought at power ranks. Extra powers attached to said body armor should be bought at rank per power. If you want to blow 50 points of character creation to get AM resources so you can buy equipment, that equipment should be previewed by the Judge before it comes into play.

Again, fair enough...

ScrollMasterRob wrote: 4) the humble *. Powers and talents marked with * cost double.


ScrollMasterRob wrote: 5) The Spirit of the law vs. the letter of the law. Marvel was originally menat to be a random roll system. Jose took the point buy system and in is best power gaming rules lawyering self, abused the hell out of them. There is no way that Craft is considered playable as currently written.

again Fair Enough.....

Now I have 6 character points I have no idea what do to with...
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