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The ability to purchase things is an important aspect to some characters as they try to supplement themselves with certain purchases. This will clarify what can be purchased and in what method certain purchases can only be aquired.
The resource level of any character is important in that it justifies the level of comfort and acquisition they are accustomed too, just because they have the level of resource that they have does not mean they are capable of purchasing everything that falls within their level of resource. There are limitations to the level of purchasing power that will require more than the resource rank that they possess.

• You may NEVER purchase anything higher than your resource rank WITH NOTABLE EXCEPTIONS BELOW.

• To purchase anything, a character must
make a Resource FEAT (green only). This is the
equivalent of a credit check, or rattling the
piggy bank, or checking the bank account
to see how much cash is available.
A Resource FEAT may be made by a
character once per week. If a Resource
FEAT has been made by a character in the
previous seven days, any Resource FEATs
following automatically fail.

• The character in question must have Contacts with the specific organization in order to be able to purchase equipment used normally by that organization. (any military contacts count as the whole organization)

• Remember! That purchasing equipment is very different from being allowed to use said equipment as per contacts.

• Purchase from a contact cannot happen if member is only a partial member(teammate) of the team/organization, unless that member is the creater/leader of the item in question.

• I will allow as an exception to make purchases that will not total more than the total Rank cost of the items in question.
Example: Hero has Amazing Resource Rank and wishs to purchase 2 items(standard purchase is only 1 item), one is a speedboat(remarkable(30) cost)- the other is Broadway tickets(excellent(20) cost) together the total cost is (50) Amazing, If the purchase is over the resource rank then only one or the other item can be purchased.

• Bank Loans Option: Characters may
purchase something up to one rank higher
than their Resource rank through a lending
institution. The character then has to worry
about making a Resource FEAT each month
of two ranks less for as many months as the
rank number of the item.

Advanced Players Book: PG- 42 (all items special purchase except Handgun/Pistol(except Gyro version), Rifle, Shotgun, all BOW types).

PG- 44 (all items special purchase except STANDARD -AP SHOT – RUBBER SHOT- Handgun/Pistol(except Gyro version), Rifle, Shotgun, all BOW types) ammunition section.

PG- 45 all melee/thrown (all Grenade\Missile items special purchase except SMOKE, TEAR GAS, & FLASH Grenades only)

PG- 48 (all police/military/Government/Super-teams-style vehicles special purchase)

PG- 56 + 58 (except Beta-Cloth, bands & Ray special purchase )

PG- 58 (beyond original art all items special purchase)

Headquarters Outfitting Table
Item Cost:
Air Lock Door* Remarkable
Aircraft Runway, compact* Amazing
Aircraft Turntable Incredible
Aircraft Runway Remarkable
Armor Plating, Remarkable* Incredible
Armor Plating, Amazing* Monstrous
Armor Plating, Incredible* Amazing
Blast Door' Rm/In/Am
Brig Ex/Rm/In
Clean Room (no lab) Remarkable
Communications Room, local Remarkable
Communications Room, national Incredible
Communications Room, global Amazing
Computer Room, Excellent Remarkable
Computer Room, Remarkable Incredible
Conference Room Remarkable
Crime Files, Remarkable Excellent
Danger Room In/Am
Defense Package, Indoors Incredible
Defense Package, Outdoors Incredible
Dining Room Gd/Rm/Ex
Dock Remarkable
Electron Microscope Incredible
Elevator, aircraft * Incredible
Elevator, car * Remarkable
Elevator, standard' Excellent
Fire Protection, foam Remarkable
Fire Protection, sprinkler Excellent
Force Field, door* Incredible
Garage, 1 vehicle Good
Garage, 3 vehicles Excellent
Garage, 12 vehicles Remarkable
Gym Ex/Rm/Am
Hangar Excellent
High-energy research laser Incredible
Holographic projector, one* Incredible
Hydraulic Wall* Amazing
Kitchen Gd/Ex/Rm
Laboratory w/ Analysis Comp. Incredible
Laboratory w/ Clean Room Incredible
Laboratory, Basic Remarkable
Laboratory, Complete Amazing
Land, per acre * Excellent
Library Ex/Rm
Living Room Gd/Ex/Rm
Locker rooms (no gym) Excellent
Medical, Cryogenic Amazing
Medical, Emergency Remarkable
Medical, Surgery Incredible
Office Gd/Ex/Rm
Pool, indoor Incredible
Pool, indoor (lap only) Remarkable
Pool, outdoor Remarkable
Pool, outdoor (lap only) Excellent
Power Room, 12 hr. Remarkable
Power Room, 24 hr. Incredible
Power Room, Nuclear* Monstrous
Power Room, Solar Amazing
Radar * Incredible
Rapid Transport, surface* Remarkable
Rapid Transport, Underground* Amazing
Rev Room Ex/Rm/Am
Robot, maintenance* Remarkable
Sauna, steam room, & whirlpool Remarkable
Security (per door/window) Gd/Ex/Rm/ln
Security Package, Outdoor Incredible
Security, Indoor, High Incredible
Security, Indoor, Low Excellent
Security, Indoor, Medium Remarkable
Trophy Room Ex/Rm
Workshop, Automated Incredible
Workshop, Basic Remarkable

• See the following description.

Air Lock Door: This door is of Excellent strength
material. It provides an air-tight seal for one
standard-sized opening. The door does not make the
room air-tight, but is useful in protecting from
dangerous gases.
Aircraft Runway, Compact: This is a specially
designed airstrip, similar to those found on aircraft
carriers. Planes are launched with the assistance of a
catapult arrangement and land with the assistance of
arrestor cables and crash nets. As such, the entire
assembly can be fitted onto the floor of a large
building, inside a hangar, or in an underground
chamber. Landing at such a runway requires more and
special skill, such that all risky landings (those which
require a FEAT roll) are increased one level in
Armor Plating: This allows one standard-size room
to be encased in plating of differing degrees of
hardness. The plating can be concealed behind
woodwork or hardware at no additional charge. The
package does not include plating for any doors or
openings. Remarkable plating is hardened steel,
Incredible is vibranium, and Amazing is osmium steel.
Blast Door: This is a heavy vault door of steel,
vibranium, or osmium steel, respectively. It takes an
entire round to close. An automatic closing system can
be added, increasing the cost of the basic door by one
rank. For two additional rank's cost, the blast door has
all of the above, automatic sensors to detect
dangerous energies and gases, and a time lock.
Elevators: Standard elevators can carry up to 10
people and have a range of 10 floors (or sub-floors).
For every additional 10 floors, the cost of the elevator
is increased by one rank. Vehicle elevators can carry
one vehicle (car or plane) one floor. Additional floors
increase the cost by one rank for each floor. A
separate elevator must be purchased for each
additional vehicle desired.
Force Field: This is a permanently emplaced
electro-force field of Remarkable intensity. It can cover
one standard-sized door or window and must be
connected to the main or reserve power systems to
operate. The package includes controls in the Monitor
room and on either side of the door. These controls
can only be operated with an Avengers Security Card.
Holographic Projector: This projector which looks
like a normal security camera, can create any image
programmed into the main computer, up to a size
slightly larger than a normal man. The projector can
be connected to the security or defense systems and
can be operated manually from the main monitor
Hydraulic Wall: One section of wall, cliff-face,
grounds, or whatever hydraulically opens and closes.
The opening is large enough to accommodate a
standard plane or jet. The opening is carefully
concealed to a Remarkable degree. The wall can be
triggered by remote controls similar to a standard
garage-door opener.
Land: This is the cost for each acre of land in
addition to that occupied by the building. The land can
be simple park land or be undeveloped. Elaborate
gardens require the services of one or more
Power Room, Nuclear: This package consists of
three rooms and must be segregated from other areas
of the HQ. The control room includes a Remarkable
computer, dedicated solely to the operation of the
reactor. Alarms are placed throughout the HQ. The
reactor can provide unlimited power for normal and
most extraordinary purposes. If desired, the HQ can be
powered solely by the reactor, independent of local
power sources. Operating a nuclear reactor requires
approval and licensing by governmental authority.
Radar: This is standard aircraft radar with automatic
proximity warnings. It is of Excellent quality.
Rapid Transport: This is a high speed monorail
system for personal use within the grounds of the HQ.
It can connect sites 10 areas apart. Additional units can
be purchased for longer distances. Enclosed cars can
hold two to four passengers. The speed is Incredible
and the material used is Good.
Robot, Maintenance: This machine is capable of
performing a single, relatively simple task at Excellent
ability. It has simple discriminatory functions, allowing it
to decide when to act, within programmed guidelines.
Typical uses of the robot include firefighting, lab
cleanup (for those jobs too big for the hired help!), and
equipment maintenance. It is not useful for planned
combat functions (although a clever player may be able
to find a use in a fight).

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