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LFR NEWS - Read before posting.

Postby grey » Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:31 am

Lets try to keep this thread pertenant to just LFR news and updates.
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Postby Warduke » Wed Dec 26, 2007 12:15 pm

From HERE.

What is Living Forgotten Realms?

Living Forgotten Realms (or LFR for short) is a new regionalized RPGA Living campaign, and the first to utilize the new 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules. Players create characters and assign them to a specific region. Characters can be played in any LFR adventure that supports their levels of play, anywhere. All non-special LFR adventures will be available for play no matter where you live in the world. As your character plays adventures, it earns experience points, gold, and magic items which stay with you from game to game. You can only play each adventure once, but with dozens of adventures available each year, there will be plenty of play opportunities.

The campaign cannot succeed without administrators to help run it at a regional and global level. Administrators are responsible for being community leads, event organizers, and directors of storylines for adventures. LFR launches at Gen Con Indy 2008, so administrators will be picked soon and on the job before the year is out!

Regional System

LFR uses a regional system; that is, the world is divided up into smaller chunks which correspond to an area in the Forgotten Realms. There are 12 regions in LFR. Six of these regions are in the US (the area with the highest concentration of RPGA play); the other six are spread out over the rest of the world. The regions are: Northeast US, Southeast US, North Central US, Southwest US, Western US, Pacific US, Canada, Latin America/Caribbean, UK/Ireland/South Africa, Northern Europe/Russia, Southern Europe/Turkey, and Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Asia. See the maps below for more information.

The assignment of Forgotten Realms play areas to these regions will be announced at D&D Experience 2008. In addition to the regional assignments, the convention will also have LFR and 4th Edition preview adventures. D&D Experience takes place at the Hyatt Crystal City in Arlington, VA from February 28 – March 2, 2008.

Administrative System

Each region has a group of three regional administrators assigned to it. These individuals live within the geographic area of the region. Each regional admin has a specific responsibility. The point of contact is responsible for directly answering to player queries and for maintaining an active presence on official message boards, community pages, and other medium as appropriate. The events manager is responsible for working with conventions in the region and for maintaining organizations to support the regional players. The writing director is responsible for editing and reviewing regional adventure content, as well as developing a plot arc and submitting it for approval to the global administrators. Note that while each regional administrator has specific duties, they should all be in constant contact with one another and decide important regional matters as a team. The regional administrators report to their global administrator.

Above the regional admins are the global administrators. There are a total of three global admin positions. The global admins need to live in one of the regions that they administer. They are contracted directly by Wizards of the Coast, and are required to attend at least one major convention of Wizards’ choosing each year. The global admins are responsible for developing rules updates, managing their regional admins, maintaining a presence on official message boards, developing the core storyline, and contributing to the online community through maintenance of a blog. There is one global admin for Canada, Northeast US, North Central US, and Western US; another for Southeast US, Southwest US, Pacific US, and Latin America/Caribbean; the last is for UK/Ireland/South Africa, Northern Europe/Russia, Southern Europe/Turkey, and Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Asia. The global administrators report to the RPGA Content Manager.

Want to Apply?

It’s simple! There are a series of application documents below that you can use to apply for a position. If you’re applying for a regional admin position, select the position you’d like to apply for (point of contact, events manager, or writing director), download the specific application, and follow the instructions on it to email the completed application back to us at Wizards. If you are applying for a global admin position, you must download and complete the tests on all three, although you only need to fill in the vital data (like contact information) on one. If you apply for a global admin position and are not selected, you will be considered for a regional admin position (unless you specify otherwise).


The deadline to apply for global admin positions is September 21. If you apply after that date, you may still be considered for a regional admin position. The deadline to apply for regional admin positions is October 5. If you apply after that date, you will not be considered for an admin position, but you will be referred to the new regional admins as a prospective volunteer.

When Will I Know?

The RPGA staff will select the global admins and notify them of their selection by October 1. The RPGA staff and the global admins will select the regional admins, and they will be notified by November 1. The campaign staff will be announced to the public by November 15.


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