Upcoming Florida Supercon

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Upcoming Florida Supercon

Postby thetrickygnome » Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:29 pm

I know many of you will be attending Oasis on May 23-25 but I just wanted to put up a link to a good
sized comic book and anime con that will be going on on the same weekend called Florida SuperCon.
Here is the link:


Some of the con highlights:

1) The twin actors from the Harry Potter movies will be there as well as one or two more.
2) Monkey Woman from Season 1 of Who Wants to Be A Superhero.
3) Lots of anime and comic book artists, writers, voice people, ect.
4) Three seperate costume contests for anything from novices to experienced /previous winners.
5) The hotel looks amazing.

I'll probably be there with a few friends and fellow members of our superhero community but this looks
like a good con for anyone interested in comics, anime, and other stuff as well. I hope to rent a room at
the hotel from Saturday to Sunday, possibly sharing the room with some of my superhero buddies to help
split costs. If anyone is interested in this you might want to swing by for a day or so.

Signed- Rene' Alfonso

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