TempleCon 2008, Providence, RI, Feb. 1-3, 2008

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TempleCon 2008, Providence, RI, Feb. 1-3, 2008

Postby xionicist » Wed Dec 26, 2007 4:41 am

The TempleCon 2008 multi-genre gaming convention is coming to the Providence Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Providence on the weekend of February 1st-3rd, 2008. Now in its third year and featuring a steampunk theme, TempleCon is an annual event that hosts a variety of casual and competitive games in a social setting, including board games, role-playing games, video games, card games, and table-top miniatures gaming.

TempleCon 2008 will be hosting the Northeast Regional Qualifier for the Vampire: the Eternal Struggle collectible card game, one of only five WARMACHINE miniatures Hardcore events in history plus WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures Championship Tournaments, Halo 3 and Gears of War Xbox 360 tournaments in our LAN video gaming room plus Pokemon Battle Revolution and Naruto Clash of Ninjas Wii Revolution Tournaments in the LAN Room as well, a Warhammer 40K miniatures Officers' Tournament, a North American Diplomacy Federation Grand Prix tournament, multiple Magic: the Gathering collectible card game events, multiple Dungeons and Dragons and Call of Cthulhu role-playing events, The Spoils collectible card game events, Ticket to Ride and Arkham Horror board game events, Munchkin and other Steve Jackson Games events, Texas Hold 'em poker events, and World of Darkness live-action role-playing, with game demonstrations and myriad other gaming events as well.

The TempleCon 2008 art show is sponsored by the Gallery Z art gallery of Providence, and will feature Guest of Honor Artist Quinton Hoover, best known for his work on the collectible card games Magic: the Gathering, Vampire: the Eternal Struggle, and Middle Earth; Guest of Honor Heather V. Kreiter, best known for her work on the collectible card games Vampire: the Eternal Struggle and Warlord; Guest of Honor Artist Rick Sardinha, best known for his work on Dungeons and Dragons role-playing books, and the Warhammer 40K and Warlord collectible card games; and Guest of Honor Cyril Van Der Haegen, best known for his work on Magic: the Gathering, the World of Warcraft CCG, and White Wolf RPG books. The art show will also include artwork on a steampunk and sci-fi/fantasy theme by both emerging and established artists, and a variety of dealers will be selling games and related items in our vending space. This event also features a weekend-long steampunk costume contest and a miniatures painting contest, as well as a charity raffle to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense fund.

Industry Guests of Honor at the convention include Press Gang Quarter Master Dan Brandt and Developer Kevin Clark, both from Privateer Press. The TempleCon 2008 Writer Guest of Honor is CJ Henderson, author of the Teddy London supernatural detective series and the Jack Hagee hardboiled PI series.

If there is a game that you love that you do not see listed, please consider joining us as a game-master and running your favorite games. All game-masters receive free admission to the convention for the day(s) of their event, as well as a discount on the TempleCon T-shirt. Game-masters who run events throughout the weekend get the TempleCon T-shirt for free, in addition to free admission to the convention.

Pre-register for TempleCon 2008 before January 1st and save! <a href="http://www.templecon.org/index-reg.html">The TempleCon Pre-Registration Page</a> Pre-registration is $13 per day & $35 for the weekend, and our group rate saves you even more! On-site registration at the convention is $16 per day & $45 for the weekend.

For more information, please check out <a href="http://www.templecon.org/">The Official TempleCon Website</a>. Feel free to stop by our forums and join the discussion or start one of your own: <a href="http://www.templecon.org/forum/">TempleCon Forums</a> Or, feel free to drop us an email at information@templecon.org with any questions that you might have about the convention.

We hope to see you there!

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