The Unofficial Witch Hunter Wiki is Open for Business

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The Unofficial Witch Hunter Wiki is Open for Business

Postby Highmoon » Sun Jan 06, 2008 11:15 am

I emailed Eric this past week about the wiki idea and he said it was cool so we are good to go!

The idea of the wiki is to foster the use of Witch Hunter beyond the Dark Providence campaign by inviting fans to contribute supporting material and new rules for use in home games. DP players are welcomed to join and contribute, but please note that none of the rules material in the wiki is approved for official Dark Providence campaign play.

To join the Unofficial Witch Hunter Wiki, please go to Create a Wikidot account, then when it asks you for the site password, type in


No caps, just the name. There is a hint on the site as well. After that, have fun! The site includes tutorials to using wiki code language and you can see some examples already to guide you.

See you there!

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