[ANNOUNCEMENT]: FRAGCon 11.1 - January 21, 2007

FRAG is a group of roleplaying enthusiasts based out of the Central Florida area.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT]: FRAGCon 11.1 - January 21, 2007

Postby GerryR88 » Wed Dec 27, 2006 9:37 am

We would like to announce that our next meeting will take place at 12:00pm on Sunday, January 21st, 2007 at the Sci-Fi City store in Orlando, Florida.

Come and join us at this FRAG meeting as we will be having a pizza party to give us all an opportunity to discuss what we are planning for the coming year.

Things on our agenda for FRAG’s 11th Year include the implementation of the new Bylaws, OASIS 20, Florida Fall Fantasy 2007, our possible participation in charity events, along with what other activities and games you would like to see at FRAG hosted events.

It will also be a great opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas as to how we can make FRAG a more successful gaming club.


The scenarios being offered for FRAGCon 11.1 (January 2007) are the following:

COR6-13 Tears for Bright Sands by Theron Martin
According to legend, Sulm defeated ancient Itar, using dark magic to slay its patron deity and to collapse its capital into the sea. Two thousand years later a relic of those cataclysmic events may be critical to the future of the Bright Lands, but seeking it will require a journey beneath the waves. A one-round core adventure for characters level 2-15 (APLs 4-14). The penultimate part of Blight on Bright Sands.

ULP6INTRO-03 The Cold Distance by Carrie Neuman
Some travelers seem born to the road, others seek it, and some have everything they own snatched from them so it is the only thing they retain. In the spring, new travelers set out with only a vague idea of what lies ahead. How will you cope when the night is at its coldest and home is only a memory? A Principality of Ulek Introductory Scenario for 1st level PCs.

DAB33 - Flypaper by Christopher Reed
Something has drawn you into sticky danger, but who or what is it? A Dave Arneson's Blackmoor adventure for heroes levels 3-10. The fourth part of the Hidden Swamp series. [It is highly recommended that player characters first play the other three parts of the series.]

LSJ41 - Rights of Passage by Keith Knecht
Townsfolk, farm hands, and caravan workers alike are disappearing of late. Can the heroes of Amthydor get to the bottom of this? A one-round tournament for heroes of levels 5-10

If you are interested in attending you can preregister at http://www.warhorn.net/fragcon/
(by preregistering you help us make sure that there are enough judges to accommodate everyone who wants to play!!)

If interested in volunteering to judge at this FRAGCon event, you may contact Dawn Coakley at dawncoakley{at}bellsouth{dot}com

Note: Just remember that membership dues are up for renewal. It is $20 a year per member and $10 for any additional member living in the same household.

Thanks for your participation!
FRAG Officers
Gerry Ruiz, Dawn Coakley, Mark Lewis & Chris Reed

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