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Postby elven gangster » Sun Sep 17, 2006 7:53 pm

7921 Bird Road
Miami, Florida #44 33155
(305) 264-1250
START TIME --11:00AM -- SEPTEMBER 23 Saturday
META-ORG SIGN-UPS FOR Army,Bards Guild, Mine Rangers,Temple and The NEW Meta-Org's** ROYAL NAVY, Keeper's of the Soul Forge & The WEB(non-existant Org :wink: )...etc...etc will be available-along with Rank increase, sign-up before it's too late!!!!

In the borderlands of the great mountains that form the western limit of the Sheldomar Valley, realms might claim territory and authorities might enforce their laws…but distance from the centers of power and the close proximity of all that is wild and free makes these claims tenuous at best and irrelevant at worst. How will those who prize the wilderness react when the word rings out far and near…”Gold! Gold in the vale of Baransford, lying all about free for the taking!” A standalone Sheldomar Valley metaregional adventure for APLs 4-10(levels 2 to 12) .


Episode 25: Wrongs Darker than Death or Night
By Philip Slama.
Jackport is a city in dire need of heroes. But what happens when a beloved hero and champion of the city turns on those they protect? Who will determine their champion’s fate and the fate of all involved in these deadly wrongs that have taken place under the cover of night? A Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor adventure for players levels 4-10. Part two of the series “[i]And the Cabal Cried Out, No Hiding Place.”

the day after sunshine i am going to the dolphin game where they hopefully wont lose
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Postby Dwraith » Sun Sep 17, 2006 10:27 pm

seeing as the school this year is blacklisting mago since rovidosa is not there, best for all old members (and newone that want to join) to go to the sunshine game days to play.
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I really like Roleplaying
I really like Roleplaying
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Postby CosmoKhan » Wed Sep 20, 2006 3:56 pm

i'll be going, and ima try and spread the word to the other kids. for those that went to davids gameday, isent 25 one of the ones we played?
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Accidents in the back seat cause Kids.

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I really like Roleplaying
I really like Roleplaying
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Postby lostpike » Wed Sep 20, 2006 4:33 pm

That is correct. So contact Ralph, The Godfather of DnD in Miami, if you want to DM. It is part two of PJs mods....
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