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World of Warcraft the current MMoRPG from Blizzard
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Anyone else

Postby Dwraith » Wed Jan 31, 2007 1:55 pm

Made 70th with my priest, and now trying to save up for my epic mount. (6k gold for riding and mount). How is everyone else doing so far?
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Postby kuelthador » Mon Feb 12, 2007 10:21 am

Well, since you asked :D

I am 68th with my rogue and currently bouncing between Nagrand (finishing up those annoying safari quests) and Shadowmoon Valley.

I am just now starting to save up for my mount, as I had to spend a lot of money on upgrades when BC came out as I had stopped playing for a while and didnt have any raid / purple gear from MC, BWL, etc.

The expansion is gorgeous.

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Postby Ozymandius » Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:03 am

I dipped on my Rogue, currently 66th Level and went to a Horde dominated PvP server, Coilfang. It took us three days to open the doors to AQ on the Horde side, the Alliance is not even 7% done with resource gathering.

We have a population mix of 82% Horde to 18% Alliance.

The Horde is comprised of mainly Alliance players from Gorefiend, from our in-game questioning; while the Alliance...well no one can get on the Alliance side to ask them but they act like bad ass Horde players ganking everyone in play.

The Horde population breakdown is as follows on Coilfang:
Blood Elf: 86%
Orc: 2%
Undead: 9%
Troll: 1%
Tauren: 3%

The Alliance is about 70% Draenai with Humans bringing in about 12% in the Server Population.

Coilfang is the only server in its Battlegroup until March 7th. So for the Horde we have a wait time of 2 Hours, 40 Minutes for WSG, 3 Hours 3 Minutes for AB, and 5 Hours for AV. So we mostly head out to the Arena in STV and kill each other for Honor or raid main cities for our HKs.

Joined Coilfang on the first day of the expansion and on day three our server was CLOSED and LOCKED. The day after the expansion was released there were about 900 players in the start zone for the Blood Elfs ranging from 1-7 level and it took 22 hours to get to 9th level.

It's gotten better now, we had our first level 70 on the 11th day of server operation! Back to the game!
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Postby MichaelTLH » Tue Apr 03, 2007 10:17 am

Well I am on Shadow Moon (PvP).

I have a pure destruction-spec 70 gnome warlock named Babette. A gnome frost mage named Deedlybop... and a gnome combat (sword) rogue named Gankydoodle. What can I say... the gnomes... I love them.

We've just started attuning for Karazhan and are farming regular instances and progressing in Heroic.

I hate Vorpil.


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