Gorefiend Raid In Progress...

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Gorefiend Raid In Progress...

Postby Ozymandius » Sat Dec 02, 2006 2:31 am

Well tonight was interesting, the Alliance was able to coordinate through "Threads of Sanity" "Red Shirts" "Nightshift" and "Midnight Madness" a multiple 40 man raid on the Undercity.

Each guild brought in 40 players and a total of 120 units assaulted the Undercity. We held the location for about seven to ten minutes before we finally wiped, we racked up over 100 DK points (doesn't matter since it resets on Tuesday, we think...). When we left we were terrorizing the smaller city outside the Undercity and our raid had dwindled to about 70-80 people but all in all it was fun, I got to be in an all Rogue strike force, we stun locked the hell out of everyone.

All this started after a raid on Ironforge and the Deeprun Tram was well planned and executed by the Horde and they managed to work their way past the gnomes and into our Warroom in IF.

It was easily repelled by the outcoming BG groups that just spawned next to them after completing their run and a sweep towards the undercity by Griffon to SS was an amazing flying train to behold. Looked like there were more griffons taking flight than you ever wanted to see.

We got some cool pics, I'll post them once I go through them. Was a hell of a run through but cost us in repairs big time.
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