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I really like Roleplaying
I really like Roleplaying
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Postby lostpike » Tue May 02, 2006 5:16 pm

It wouldnt be duplicating...the point of the system would be to help people put together games by knowing who has and hasnt played the games without having to make 50 phone calls to figure it out. So if one person could put the whole table that just played up it would be more helpful.
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King of the hill
King of the hill
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Postby grey » Tue May 02, 2006 5:45 pm

In a perfect world that would work out swimingly well.
However it's not a perfect world.
I do not have sufficient faith that things would be entered in correctly.

Making something like this wouldn't be a big deal however I don't think it will be done right.
Now if you want to be or can find "the someone" who will enter this stuff correctly i'll do it.

Let me think of a way to do this and i'll let you know when it's done.
maybe sometime in the comming week.
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