Living Arcanis at Origins 2009


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Living Arcanis at Origins 2009

Postby ParadigmPrez » Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:00 am


Paradigm Concepts is pleased to announce its adventure lineup for the Gathering at Origins 2009. Be on hand as the first Living Arcanis story arc comes to its thrilling conclusion!

Living Arcanis: Year Six: The Last Rays of a Dying Sun

6-1: Into the Cauldron by Henry Lopez
With each new atrocity, it becomes clearer that the Mad Emperor of Coryan's reign must be ended. But the one prophesied by Illiir is dead. The heroes have no choice but to descend into Beltine's Cauldron itself to retrieve their last, best hope for victory.

6-2: Deal with a Devil by Henry Lopez
With the true enemy discovered, the heroes must seek the knowledge of the past to safeguard the future. But when a vital key to salvation lies within the deepest recesses of the vilest nation in the Known Lands, is the price of victory worth their immortal souls? It soon becomes obvious that to battle an angel, one must "Deal with a Devil".

6-3: Sacrifice by Henry Lopez
With the knowledge in hand of how to defeat the undefeatable, the heroes realize that it is useless unless forged into an invincible weapon. Only one being has the skill to forge such a relic of power - but he's been lost for years, his dilemma forgotten in the ensuing chaos. Now the heroes are tasked with a pivotal mission: Rescue Elabac of Solanos Mor!

6-4: Venom of the Daughter by Henry Lopez
As the weapon is forged, one final ingredient is needed - the venom from the giant Daughters of Yig! Entering Abessios would normally be nigh impossible, but with the Black Talons of Milandir sending a delegation, the heroes seize the opportunity to invade the Lair of the Serpent Goddess!

6-5: A Host Divided Against Itself by Henry Lopez
Leola val'Assante' was banished to the Blessed Lands by her cousin, the Emperor Calsestus years ago. Now, she is needed as both a symbol of piety to the beleaguered Coryani and as the lynch pin to ending the tyranny that has gripped the Empire. But Leola finds herself with a problem that she must resolve and a heavenly guest cannot ignore.

Battle Interactive: The Battle for Grand Coryan by James Zwiers
For a thousand years, Grand Coryan's columned walks have been serene and unblemished by open warfare. Certainly, the clandestine wars of the Senate have occurred, but those wars involved the pen and not the sword. Now, as the final pieces fall into place, the Rebellion and the Resistance will finally meet; their fates entwined at last, as the Rebellion lays siege to Grand Coryan.
This Living Arcanis Battle Interactive Event is designed for characters of level 18 through 21. Characters below 18th level cannot be played in this event.

6-6: The Last Rays of a Dying Sun by Henry Lopez
The City walls have been breached and the Palace lies before the conquering heroes. Now all that stands between them and ultimate victory is the Mad Emperor of Coryan, his elite Imperial Guards and one very angry Valinor.
Henry Lopez
Paradigm Concepts, Inc.

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