List your mods that you need to go through here


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List your mods that you need to go through here

Postby Needles » Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:00 pm

I talked to Peter, he said for all of us to post the mods that we need to go through on this thread so we can muster tables. This is the year three mod I have to go through.

LA-AP3-02 A House Divided by Jeff Boyce (APLs 2 through 12).

Year four

LA-HP4-06 "The Sacrifice of Generations" by Henry Lopez(APLs 7 – 21)

LA-HP4-05 "The Deadliest Prey" by Henry Lopez(APLs 7 to 21

LA-AP4-01 Queen's Castle by James Zwiers(APL 2 through 13

LA-SP4-19 Where the Ghost of Legend Lies by Jack Cooper(APLs 2 through 9)

LA-SP4-18 A Parting of Mists by Joe Cirillo with Scott Charlton(APLs 2 through 13)

LA-SP4-07 Under a Blood-Red Sky by Derrel J. Weaver(APL 2 through 15)

LA-SP4-02 Fractured Souls by Jeff Boyce(APL 4 through 14)

Campaign Year 5

LA-HP5-01 "Shattering the Light" by James Zwiers APL 7-21

LA-SP5-13 "Expedition to Goram'Zob" by James Zwiers(APLs 2-21)

LA-SP5-12 "Blood Calls to Blood" by James Zwiers(APLs are not used)

LA-SP5-11 "Flowering of the Blood Vine" by James Zwiers(APLs 2-19)

LA-SP5-10 "Trembling of an Ancient Web" by James Zwiers (APLs 2-21)

LA-SP5-09 "Emissaries" by M. Sean Molley(APLs 2-9)

LA-SP5-08 "Xenophobia" by M. Sean Molley (APLs 11-19

LA-SP5-07 "Dedication" by Sean Esterline(APLs 11-21)

LA-SP5-03 "Veiled Truths" by Casey McGirt (APLs 2 through 15)

LA-SP5-02 "Beyond the Threshhold of Never" by Chris Sanders(APLs 1 through 15)

Invisible Kings Domain of Atria

Atria 01-01: "Still Waters Run Deep" by Mark Richardson(APLs 2 through 13)

Atria 01-02: "Water Under the Bridge" by Jarrod Moschner (APLs 1-5)

Invisible Kings Domain of the Emerald Society

Emerald Society 01-01: "The Long Shadow" by the ES IKs(APLs 1, 2, 3, and 5)

Emerald Society 01-02: "An Evening of Wealth and Taste" by Eric Gorman(APLs 2-13

LA-IK-EMS-01-03 "Twilight Always Falls" (APLs 2-9)

LA-IK-EMS-01-04 "The Isle of Saura" (APLs 2-9)

Invisible Kings Domain of Enpebyn

Enpebyn 01-01: "Luck of the Draw" by Derrel Weaver (APLs 1, 2, 3, and 5

Invisible Kings Domain of the Haina Empire

Haina 01-05: "Enemy Mine"(APLs 3-15 plus an APL 17 Glory Tier).

Haina 01-03: "Enemy at the Gate"(APLs 2-15 with an APL 17 Glory Tier)

Haina 01-02: "Home Sweet Haina" (APLs 1, 2, 3, and 5)

Invisible Kings Domain of Lustia

Lustia 01-01: "They Dance Alone" by Gregg Belcher & Dennis D. Kirkpatrick(APLs 1, 2, 3, and 5)

Lustia 01-02: "Scent of Prosperity and Ruin" by Matt Riecks and Ryan Wendling(APLs 1-13).

Invisible Kings Domain of Metra

Metra 01-01: "Decadence & Discipline" by Joe Cirillo (APL 2, 3, and 5)

Metra 01-02: "Shed Light, Shed Blood" by Joe Cirillo(APLs 2, 3, 5, and 7)

Metra 01-03: "The Doom that Came to Eppion" by Sean Smith (APLs 2, 3, 5, and 7)

Metra 01-04: "In All Their Sable Majesty" by Joe Cirillo(APLs 3, 5, 7, and 9).

Metra 02-01: "Said My Name is Called Disturbance" by Joe Cirillo(APLs 3 through 13)

Invisible Kings Domain of Old Coryan.

Old Coryan 01-01: "To Cast Shadows on the Sun" by Sarah Bruner (APL 1 through 5).

Old Coryan 01-02: "To Craft the Vaults of Hell" by Jeffrey Witthauer(APL 2 through 9, with an APL 11 Glory Tier

Old Coryan 01-03: "Good for Business" by Jeffrey Witthauer (APLs 1 through 11, plus Glory Tier).

Old Coryan 01-04: "Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth" by Jeffrey Witthauer (APLs 3 through 15 plus a Glory Tier).

Invisible Kings Domain of Paldaris.

LA-IK-PAL-01-02 "Death" by Lucas Amodio, Dustin Reid, and Carrie Amodio(APLs 2 through 9).

LA-IK-PAL-01-03 "Fortunes" by Carrie Amodio, Lucas Amodio and Dustin Reid(APLs 2 through 7).

Invisible Kings Domain of Plexus.

LA-IK-PLX-01-01 "Little Fish, Where Art Thou?"(APLs 2 through 9)

LA-IK-PLX-01-02 "A Play on Words"(APLs 2 through 15).

Quite a list to go through. I have an eleventh level tank I want to advance, a seventh level Sorcerer and a second level tank for the beginner ones. This is for Peters game days. :D
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