Huge Update on site...


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Huge Update on site...

Postby Peewee » Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:41 am

Huge Update on site...

Today is a big day for updates to the campaign rules. First, we have the February 2008 Rules Update, which formally adopts the Magic of Arcanis errata and makes Psionics Unbound the official psionics resource for the campaign (replacing the Expanded Psionics Handbook / d20 Psionics SRD). This Rules Update becomes effective for the campaign on 07 February 2008. You can download the errata files and check out all the previous campaign Rules Updates on the Rules Page.

We also have a new February 2008 Marketplace and Item Creation Guide, which adds new material from Psionics Unbound and makes some previously-restricted magical and psionic items open for purchase and crafting. Any convention, game day, or retail store game that has been approved for a Marketplace should use the new version instead of any older version, effective immediately. If you organize conventions, game days, or retail store events, and you would like to get a Marketplace for your event, please join the LA Convention Support mailing list for more information.

To go along with the new Marketplace, we also have a new set of Supply Run rules and certificates. Supply Run certificates are usable by any character in any adventure with no special permission required (other than the GM's signature). Now you can buy that wand of cure light wounds or +1 amulet of mighty fists you've always wanted without having to wait for a Marketplace to arrive in your area. You can download all the new files from the Marketplace page.

Finally, we have a new set of Life Quest Certficates for those dark-kin who are on the Path of Redemption and wish to continue their journey. (If you don't have any idea what this refers to, you probably haven't read Legacy of Damnation.) To be clear, you MUST have the original Life Quest certificate from the appropriate scenario before you can take advantage of these new certificates. Each stage of the Life Quest must be completed in order, and the first few stages are unlocked by a certificate that you gain from playing a specific adventure. You cannot arbitrarily decide to begin the Life Quest without first playing that adventure.

Also all the Heina adventures are up.. BUT DONT PLAY THEM.. I will be running them at the PCI Game Days
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