Kind Words From Jimmy McDamnit! Kudos to his Judge!

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Kind Words From Jimmy McDamnit! Kudos to his Judge!

Postby Ozymandius » Mon Sep 10, 2007 11:45 am

Midnight : bad craziness fueled by bubble-gum flavored taurine energy drinks. By the time we defeated the Candyman king we'd all drunk the kool-aid ... with PJ playing the part of Jim Jones. Twenty one melvins (empties) lined up like dead Oompa-loompas on the Blackmoor battlefield. ... characters turned to hard candy... McDammit cursed by a God!

4am ... I'm 48 old years old, McDammit is 56 ... neither of us is up to this. That bit from the Blackmoor sourcebook about the Elgath being the 'hideous manifestation of the Egg of Coot' is sh*t. I'm a priest of Elgath, and Coot, you're no Elgath. Then again, that's what I stayed up for. Fucking epiphany at 4am.

9am ... after a brief rest I'm back again. Managed to get a shower and a decent breakfast, although I felt twenty-two dollars for the Marriott's buffet was a little dear. Back at the table with PJ again. Speaking for Jimmy McDammit, we both despise the Wizard's Cabal. PJ plays them with just the right amount of Nazi to make them seem despicable.
- Philip Slama

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