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Draon*Con Thanks!

Postby tadkil » Fri Sep 07, 2007 11:26 am

First of all, I would like to thank all the folks that chose to play Blackmoor above all the other choices available. We are all so busy and frantic in our lives. When people choose to spend some of their precious leisure time at the table with us, hearing our stories and joining our world, I feel gratitude. So, thank you form the bottom of my, and the campaign staff's, heart.

Another DragonCon passes & Blackmoor continues to grow. We went into the Con with four tables made and ended up running 65. We ran more tables than any other campaign in three slots. That's pretty awesome. We had one slot with 17 new players at new tables and each and every one of them came back for at least one more round of play.

Thanks to the following for their vigor in judging: P.J. Slama, David Rabon, Carlos Ramos, Adam Lobar, David McPike, Valerie Hampton, James Maisson, Tom Hudgins, Steve and Lori Griffin, John Brewer, Roscoe Goins and the incomparable Mark Lewis.

Thanks to the following players for stepping up and helping us cover tables in a pinch: P. Dennis Waltman, Brian Interlichio, Zachary Hall, and Roxanna Sweet.

We must recognize our writers. Jared Eaton successfully premiered his first episode at this con. Congratulations Jared. Additionally, Miami gave the campaign tremendous support this year. P.J. Slama, Ramon Guillon, Greg Walker, and Matt Tearle provided a broad and dynamic palette of adventures to us across many ATLs. This con season has been as much about their work as anyone's and we should all give that group a round of applause.

One final note of thanks to Dawn Coakley (whoops I mean REED!) who organized slot 0s for our Orlando and Gainesville judges. She continues to be a champion of Blackmoor and my very dear friend!

Hika Ai! Luck of the Hak to you.

Tad L. J. Kilgore

Executive Producer
Dave Arneson's Blackmoor

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Postby Dwraith » Fri Sep 07, 2007 6:18 pm

cool. now can we get them mods out that where at megacon released yet. I haven't played since megacon and am dying to catchup before summoning and next megacon...
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