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Postby tadkil » Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:45 pm

DRAGON CON: 8/31-9/3! Official Announcement

Hail Brothers and Sisters of Blackmoor.

Uther calls a muster at DragonCon. Let blast the warhorn and ready sword and spell!

Blackmoor returns to DragonCon for its third year. As always, we will have open tables as well as scheduled slots. We will have all 68 of our episodes with us with us and available for play. Yes, all 68. You can start with the first, or fill in those episodes you still need. New players are welcomed and fostered. Veterans, come, join us again and lock shield to shield to form ranks of the brave!

The Afridhi come bearing smoke and flame.

This year we feature thise episodes not released for home play. We will have all from year three ... including our GenCon Special and all events from Origins and GenCon.

Of particular note!

Our Special:
Episode 61: The Siege! by Tad Kilgore & Tim Barth
The Afridhi have attacked up and down the length of the Swamp. Fel and Dukane still struggle under siege. Uther asks you to support and hold a border fort until help comes. Can you?

A Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor Special Event for Player character levels 2-12.

The results of this special directly affect the outcome of the war. This epsidoe may be played multiple times. Each time a different ATL must be played, and each time it is played it must be played with a different character.

Our DragonCon premieres episodes this year:
Episode 66: Trouble for Noble Hearts by Jared Eaton
What torment waits for Noble Hearts? Loss and madness? Murder?
A Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor episode for ATL’s 5-11

Episode 67: Into the Lightless Depths by Terror Inc.
In the lightless depths beneath Blackmoor an ancient evil stirs. The enigmatic Trophimus requires a group of courageous adventurers to brave the darkness and journey to the mysterious Bazaar at Darkwater Falls. Once there negotiate with the Aranea Mercantile and learn the nature and identity of the ancient evil that sought to destroy the Clockwork Village before they strike again.
A two round High Level Optional Adventure fopr ATLS 9-13. The Second part of our high level optionsl series: The DWOEMER REALM. WARNING SOME UNTIERED ENCOUNTERS.

Episode 68: Big Trouble by Greg Walker
The Archmage Lich, Raddon Goss, has returned from the neitherworld and once again threatens the security of Blackmoor. The Wizard's Cabal's most learned expert on the former arch enemy of Skelfer Ard is seeking brave adventurers to aid the Cabal in it's time of need. Undertaking a
journey to seek out a former associate of Radon may be many things, but one thing is for certain, it will be Big Trouble.
A Dave Arneson's Blackmoor one round adventure for Players levels 5-13 The third installment in the series: Thicker than Water…. Part 2 of the themed modules A Matter of Perspective.

Go to http://gaming. dragoncon. net/ for more details.

Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Events are found under RPGs (Non-Campaign) in the event listings! We are of course, a MMRPG style campaign and derived directly from the first RPG campaign ever conceived.

Ask as you have questions. We will answer.

Tad L. J. Kilgore

Executive Producer
Dave Arneson's Blackmoor
http://www.dablackmoor. com

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