Golems trippin on AcId!

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Golems trippin on AcId!

Postby Jay » Thu Aug 03, 2006 4:08 pm

no books infront of me but i always wanted to see this encounter

well u get a room to shut the party in with a golem (forgot the kind but the one that heals when it takes acid dmg) the room gets hit with a cloudkill (i know it does con dmg but does it do acid dmg too? if not then just an acid fog or w/e the spell that does acid dmg). fast healing golems for the win yay.

you could make it silly and have every 5' square be a reseting trap that hits whoever steps on it with an acid orb. every time the golem moves 5' it might get hit and heal and eveyr time the party moves it might get hit and well not heal...
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