Humm my kind of evil

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Humm my kind of evil

Postby Peewee » Thu Aug 03, 2006 3:51 pm

Ok I brake the rules! rules! I dont need no rules!

I guess the kind of evil I hate the most is physiological evil, the kind of evil encounter that makes players at the table feel uncomfortable, When you see people wiggle in their seats and look at each other with “that” look.

Like the kings little 12 year old daughter who enjoys torturing and killing small boys... and you as the players know it, and hell she even knows that you know it. And yet, you can’t do anything about it…

How much better would it be if, your first adventure, before you knew her evil, you “rescued” her little brother from traitorous house guards (who where trying to save him).

And better yet, if you found your self helping her again, because you had no choice… ordered by the good king who is blinded by lover for his little girl… and she knows it...

Evil can be so much more then one encounter…..

But you will get a taste of that when I get back from GenCon… hope you are ready for a very interesting campaign.

Remember my campaigns theme “Ordinary people, drawn into extraordinary circumstances”
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