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Postby MorganWolf » Mon Mar 08, 2004 11:48 am

It had finally arrived, the time the Patriots of Ulek had been anticipating for the longest time had finally arrived. The retrieval of the AXE of Corond was our top priority, a number of us were available to go on the mission but we did have a clerical issue unfortunately. We called out for someone that was willing to help restore a legendary Item back to the POU, two responded to the call a Elven cleric of the POU & a Druid from Geoff. We penetrated the vault of the Axe and made it to a certain area and then caretakers of the Vault assaulted us, we were almost killed but were able to escape with but 1 loss our rogue. At that moment, we were utterly determined to gain the Axe using current knowledge, our great Mage Pelias came up with an idea which allowed us to recover the Axe and return it to the TRUE prince.

Greneir Dworvier- Templar/Paladin & Keeper of The Soul Forge of Moradin also Leader of The Patriots Of Ulek.
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