The State of the Circle and whats going on

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The State of the Circle and whats going on

Postby Peewee » Fri Feb 13, 2004 1:31 pm

Let's ask why the Miami circle no longer runs events and I'm not talking about because Peter has a campaign to run...I'm talking about the real reason.

Ok the real reasons why the Miami Circle is no longer running game nights..

1) Peter is running a campaign

Yes this is one of the real reasons, the Miami Circle is a LOT of work, a lot more then most of you will ever know. The Circle was a political monster that was almost too much for me to handle.. I pushed out my partners because of my Control issues. (Resulting in Damage between friendships that may never be repaired fully)
When I pushed out my friends and took over things where fine for a wile, until Paradigm Concepts came into my life. At first I thought I could handle both... I was mistaking. And thanks to my short sightedness and egomania I pushed out the people that would have been able to take the Circle onward...

2) Loss of Location

Losing the Holiday Inn location killed us outright, it was a "Shot to the head" of the Nights in the Circle... a shot the circle will never recover from I fear...

3) The Lack of a central gaming location

The lack of a central gaming location is killing us, Miami is huge, and the gamer population is splintered. The original goal of the circle was to unite all the gamers in Miami under one banner. Even at our height, we failed....

What Came Before

When the nights in the circle first started we did have a problem with Ralph, The Godfather of DnD in Miami, running 3 tables at his house ever weekend.. He would eat up mods so fast that we didn’t have a chance to "premier" any in Miami..

So I asked him to help out the circle and put him in charge of slot O's.. it worked very well, within 2 months the circle was braking even on Game Nights (to that point I was eating up a loss of 50 to 80 bucks per night)

Ralph, The Godfather of DnD in Miami, has no hand in the Circles problems today... none

You're right, Ralph, The Godfather of DnD in Miami, does a lot of work, in fact he's done something that I haven’t' gotten around to doing yet....organize a con. But If I'm not mistaken every module that was offered at the con he got to play. So, it's not like he's not doing something where he's getting nothing out of it. Let me know when he goes to a major con and eats a module so that there will be enough judges to run the module.

Well I can see where this comes in, Ralph, The Godfather of DnD in Miami, has never gone to a major con as a GM, but always as a player..

At first the main reason why I was at every major convention was to play mods so I can run them down here in Miami for the circle...

I will not fault Ralph, The Godfather of DnD in Miami, for not GMing at a major convention, it can be fun, but its also a nightmare.

Personally if it was not for LA, I would also only play at Major Cons.

I may be committing gaming "political seppeku" but I'm just vocalizing other peoples desire to see Ralph, The Godfather of DnD in Miami, reciprocate after asking others do something he is unwilling to do. In fact, I betting on it ain't going to happen. Ralph, The Godfather of DnD in Miami, already has Lost Dwarves open in an event RPGAKnights 32 I'm pretty sure that Ralph, The Godfather of DnD in Miami, knows what is at the end of the he's not going to give that up. RPGAKNights is scheduled to run on the 20th-21st of Feb....

Dude way too many people like you for you to commit "political seppuku" ...

As for Lost Dwarves.. Hell I can see why he will not eat it, there is no need to... we have people in Miami willing to run it who have played it.

Peter B

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Postby Lerch » Fri Feb 13, 2004 2:11 pm

The circle was before my time. I hear things about "before," yes so I based some of my comments on hearsay. But much like an intelligence service wanting to get a second source to confirm weapons of mass destruction....there were several that quietly said the same story. That concerns me as a gamer/dm/possible organizer.

Politics is always a bear when there is more than three people involved in is often an unnessary evil. But that's the paladin in me speaking....who often sees things as black and white.

Loseing the location was more proof of what Ian said at WF, paying to play is a major obstacle for alot of gamers. In omaha we had a club that had yearly dues. The people that paid the dues got to decide what campaigns we supported and organized the gamedays. I'm going to ask the gaming store up here again about playing in his immense store. I'm still baffled that he said "no" to having 30 possible customers coming into his place of business and gaming.

I would have liked to play a night in the circle....*sigh*

In all honesty, its probably the willingness of eating a module that some people would like to see, instead of always asking others to take a bullet....take one for the team. In the air force we call it "service before self"

Hell......I'd be happy to judge the damn thing for him...but he'd think I was out to get him....but in case noone can tell.....I'm an as impartial a judge as can be....unless you do something stupid like pick up the fleshripper.
I AM the Prop Guy

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Postby MorganWolf » Fri Feb 13, 2004 3:36 pm

Listen you want to judge it then fine. I have no problem whatsoever with you DM'ing or did you forget the Arcanis gameday.
I mentioned to you and I guess you forgot we wanted chris reed himself to judge it for us but he said to us he couldn't thats why I turned you down earlier.
The only judge I truly fear is sherwood.
Matt said he wanted a hand at DM'ing us before you said anything but if you want it I'll do it but you have to be available to judge it at a moments notice since Matt is next door to me and my team can be assembled only certain times, what do you say?

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In support of Fleshripper

Postby GregSher » Sun Feb 15, 2004 12:11 am

Mr. "The Prop Guy",

As the legal counsel for the humble tool know as "Fleshripper" I take umberage to your lumping us with the mundane McGuffin. Please refrane from doing so in the future.

Unknown Smith


Greg S

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Postby Lerch » Sun Feb 15, 2004 2:54 am

Just call me...actually if you want to bring it to megacon....I can run it there out of the suite that we have at the embassy suites nearby the convention center.......let me know and i'll bring my props (props wise its not that demanding.......)

you know my me..PM me...whatever....

As the legal counsel for the humble tool know as "Fleshripper" I take umberage to your lumping us with the mundane McGuffin. Please refrane from doing so in the future.

<to legal counsel>

I sincerly apologize....some McGuffins in my limited experience have been anything but mundane. I'll double check the makers mark next time.
I AM the Prop Guy

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Postby The Heretic » Mon Feb 16, 2004 11:43 am

Various issues led to the demise of the group. Yes control issues were a major part of it. Time factors contributed to it's demise and focus was lost very early on. The fact that I wish to speak of is the lack of a gaming locale. Without a good GAMING STORE in the area that provides not only a congenial and CLEAN atmosphere to play in, ample space, and supports and runs the games themselves, gaming in Miami is going to be difficult. Hopefully if Mark completes his plan to open an Outland in the Kendall area, then maybe........ or if I find some venture capitalist willing to back my idea(which would be the premier gamestore in Florida) As far as where the players are they are here. Sure some live in Broward and some in North Dade, but as the data the circle gathered(which was its original raison d'etre) shows, most gamers are in the Central to South Dade area. Lets just stop this griping, you too Peter. This thing is dead as a gaming group. It exists solely as a website thanks to Albert. Leave a stone on the marker and dry needless tears.
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